10 TV Series that are equally as criminally dramatic as 'Ozark'

If you enjoyed 'Ozark,' you should add these ten equally exhilarating and addictive dramas to your watchlist right away.

Ozark, a heart-stopping criminal drama produced by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams for Netflix, debuted in 2017 and has just published part one of its thrilling fourth and final season, with part two's batch of episodes set to premiere in late 2022. 

Marty and Wendy Byre, a husband and wife combination who are embroiled in a money-laundering plan for a strong Mexican drug cartel, are played by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney in the riveting drama series. The plot also contains Marty and Wendy's children, Charlotte and Jonah, as well as a number of other important individuals who have an impact on the show's mayhem. 

Ozark has been a huge hit on Netflix, and it's currently considered one of their most popular shows. Its harsh tone and wacky narrative keep viewers going back for more, despite the fact that the series' finale is looming. Here are a few shows to watch that are just as addicting as Netflix's Ozark.


Breaking Bad, an award-winning AMC series, is widely regarded as one of the greatest television programs of all time. The series stars Vince Gilligan as Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who turns to making crystal meth to support his family after being diagnosed with lung cancer. As Walter juggles the complications of his personal life with the dangers that surround his professional life, the scenario quickly turns fatal.


Better Call Saul, like Ozark, is going to enter its final season. The show is a prequel to Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad and depicts Jimmy McGill's journey to becoming "criminal" lawyer Saul Goodman. The crime drama features various Breaking Bad characters, as well as a more in-depth look at Gus Fring's drug organization and Mike Ehrmantraut's involvement. 

Ozark and Better Call Saul are both perpetually tense dramas that follow ordinary people as they face challenges in a world of crime lords. The characters are incredibly complicated, and they frequently find themselves in unexpected situations that only serve to complicate their lives. Better Call Saul is currently available on Netflix.


You'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't heard of The Sopranos, a groundbreaking television series. From 1999 until 2007, the enthralling series featured a memorable ensemble of multifaceted characters, including New Jersey mobster Tony Soprano and his chaotic family. The series focuses on Tony's many challenges in balancing his business and personal lives as an Italian mafia member.

In terms of its familial narrative, as well as motifs like as desperation and resiliency, The Sopranos and Ozark are comparable in idea. Fans of Ozark will undoubtedly enjoy the legacy and ever-present mayhem of Tony Soprano's wild lifestyle, as The Sopranos essentially established the framework for many other criminal drama shows that followed it. It's available on Hulu right now.


Dexter Morgan is a notable television character whose captivating story has been carried with Dexter: New Blood well into 2022. Dexter, based on a series of Jeff Lindsay novels, premiered on Showtime in 2006 and follows Dexter Morgan, an intelligent forensic technician who moonlights as a serial killer and hunts down criminals who have escaped the justice system's wrath. 

The elements in Ozark and Dexter are slightly different, as Dexter's world does not involve drugs or cartels, but the show fosters a familial element as Marty tries to keep his family safe, while Dexter and his sister have a complicated relationship. As a result, the drama is in full gear, ensuring that Ozark viewers are totally engaged. Dexter is available on Hulu.


In terms of depicting the inner workings of powerful drug cartels, Narcos is likely the most similar series to Ozark. The gripping Netflix series follows iconic drug lord Pablo Escobar and the tense scenarios he encounters. Escobar struggles to develop his own empire while avoiding DEA agents throughout the series. 

Fans of the Pablo Escobar-inspired series will certainly fall to the Pablo Escobar-inspired series, given that both Ozark and Narcos deal with huge crime syndicates and plenty of action-packed scenarios. While the show is based on true events, it has been heavily dramatized to appeal to audiences. It's currently available on Netflix.


Peaky Blinders has captivated audiences since its launch in 2013, and it is presently in its last season, similar to Ozark. The gripping BBC One series follows the Peaky Blinders gang in Birmingham, England, after WWI, with a particular focus on Tommy Shelby and his numerous battles. 

The drama series, like Ozark, is about strong family values and competing situations that lead to difficult decisions. Fans of Ozark fervently support Marty Byrde on his perilous trip, so there's no doubt that they'd like Tommy and the rest of the Shelby crew. The series is currently available on Netflix.


Bloodline on Netflix is a gripping criminal drama set in the Florida Keys with an undercurrent of corruption. The show first aired in 2015 and ended with its third and final season in 2017, yet its dramatic legacy continues to attract fans today. As tensions in their lives continue to grow, Bloodline chronicles the damaged Rayburn family, whose members have deep-seated secrets. 

Despite the fact that Ozark takes place in Missouri's Ozark Mountains and Bloodline takes place in the Florida Keys, the stories are eerily similar. The series is full of outlandish characters played by brilliant actors, with Kyle Chandler's performance in particular gaining great acclaim. It's currently available on Netflix.


Mad Men is one of those shows that gained instant acclaim for its brilliant television genius. Despite the fact that the show first aired on AMC in 2007 and ended in 2015, its legacy as one of the best dramas from a comparatively golden era of television will live on. The drama series follows charismatic advertising executive Don Draper as his personal life begins to collide with his professional ambition to climb the corporate ladder. 

John Hamm's iconic portrayal of Don Draper in Mad Men is a key piece of the puzzle that keeps fans going back for a rewatch, much like Jason Bateman's stunning performance in Ozark. Aside from Don, the gritty drama features a cast of other intriguing individuals who face their own challenges, making the show a definite classic. It's available on Amazon Prime Video right now.


The Wire is still widely regarded as one of the best television shows of all time. The dramatic show's riveting narrative and memorable characters contributed to its immense success. The series debuted on HBO in 2002 and ended in 2008 with its fifth and final season. The Wire is a drama set in Baltimore that follows numerous law enforcement officers as they navigate drug trafficking and government participation, with multiple narratives intertwined. 

The similarities between Ozark and The Wire in terms of drug trafficking and cartels are striking. Furthermore, both series include a memorable group of people who accurately reflect the difficulties that exist inside the legal and justice systems. There's enough of material here for Ozark fans to love just as much as they did with the Netflix original. It's currently available on HBO Max.


In a sea of successful television shows, the entertaining period drama Boardwalk Empire is a hidden gem. The tumultuous series centered on Enoch "Nucky" Thompson, a corrupt political figure in New Jersey who moonlights as a bootlegger during the Prohibition Era, and began on HBO in 2010 and continued until 2014. Steve Buscemi, Michael Shannon, Kelly Macdonald, and Michael Pitt star in the series, which also has other guest appearances. 

Ozark and Boardwalk Empire have a lot in common, including the main characters' transformation becoming more nuanced individuals than they were in the beginning. Both programs subject their main characters to a variety of difficult challenges, which is why fans of the historical drama Ozark should absolutely see it. You can see it on Hulu right now.


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