Outer Banks Season 4 faces a fresh challenge following the disappointing shift in Season 3.


After the divisive third season of Outer Banks, the TV show faces a new challenge as it prepares to release the upcoming episodes.

 The Netflix action-adventure mystery drama series, created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke, premiered in April 2020 and has consistently been a popular choice for viewers on the streaming service.

 Nevertheless, although seasons 1 and 2 were widely acclaimed, the third season, released in February 2023, faced challenges in one notable aspect. 

Now, the show has an opportunity to make a comeback with season 4.Netflix has renewed Outer Banks for season 4, which demonstrates the company's strong belief in the teen drama. This decision was made just a few days before the release of season 3.

 The streaming platform didn't hesitate to release the episodes without waiting for feedback from critics and audiences or assessing their performance. I am pleased to note that season 3 of the show maintained its impressive track record in terms of high viewership totals and ratings on Netflix.

 This further validates the company's decision to renew the show for a fourth season. Regrettably, season 3 of Outer Banks faced an unexpected letdown in terms of the audience's reaction to the episodes.Outer Banks Season 4 will need to improve upon the show's initial negative Rotten Tomatoes score from Season 3.

The first two seasons of Outer Banks have received favourable scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Season 1 has a Tomatometer score of 74 percent, while season 2 performed even better with an 86 percent score. Additionally, their Audience Scores are also quite positive. 

Season 3 of the Netflix mystery teen drama show received a score of 56 percent on the Tomatometer, which is considered less favourable, and its Audience Score is slightly higher at 62 percent. Season 3 of Outer Banks received a more mixed to negative reception, in contrast to the highly praised first two seasons, according to critics and viewers.

Despite the high viewership and ratings of Outer Banks season 3, the low Rotten Tomatoes score is undeniably disappointing, especially considering the stronger performance of seasons 1 and 2 on the reviews website. Therefore, it is important for season 4 to address this setback and restore the show's quality.

 Thankfully, the previous finale has set the stage for the upcoming episodes to thrive.Outer Banks Season 4 is already acknowledging a significant issue with the storyline in Season 3.Some viewers expressed their disappointment with season 3, as they felt that its overall direction lacked focus. This may have been partly attributed to the fact that several episodes were set outside the Outer Banks. 

It would be appropriate for a show to prioritise the location it is named after. On the other hand, in the season 3 finale, there was a time jump of 18 months after the discovery of El Dorado. During this time, a man approached the Pogues with a mission.

 Their task was to locate Blackbeard's treasure, which is believed to be buried somewhere in or around the Outer Banks. I hope that the treasure hunt in Outer Banks season 4 will allow the Pogues to stay in North Carolina and lead to a resurgence in the series' positive Rotten Tomatoes scores.


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