Before Season 6, Here Are 5 Cobra Kai Rivalries That Are Still Active


It appears that the conflict with Terry Silver has reached a resolution, but there are still several ongoing rivalries that will continue into Cobra Kai season 6. 

Daniel and Johnny defeated Silver, Sam and Tory joined forces, and Miguel reconciled with Robby. By concluding these key story arcs, Cobra Kai successfully resolved its most significant conflicts. However, there are still some who persist.

It appears that the decision to conclude the dojo war between Miyagi-do and Cobra Kai in the show was deemed necessary due to its prolonged duration. However, it can be argued that leaving some loose ends in the ending of Cobra Kai season 5 was advantageous for the overall development of the series. Additionally, the Netflix series has another season in the works.

 It is expected that new challenges will arise as Cobra Kai continues, while the show will also focus on the ongoing rivalries that remain prominent.Mitch vs. ChrisIn the season 5 finale of Cobra Kai, an unexpected return brought back a karate rivalry from the show's second and third seasons.

 In season 2, Chris and Mitch's friendship took a turn when Chris decided to leave Johnny and Kreese's Cobra Kai and join Miyagi-do. During the clashes between the rival dojos, Chris and Mitch found themselves facing off against each other multiple times, including the high school brawl.

 Chris emerged victorious in the fight, yet the ongoing animosity between the two factions of children finally came to an end when they chose to set aside their disagreements. They have been friends ever since, but Mitch's betrayal alters their relationship.

Upset by derogatory nicknames and other forms of teasing he endured from his peers, Mitch discreetly informed Cobra Kai about his friends' intentions, ultimately leading to the significant altercation at the dojo. Mitch's decision to turn traitor puts him in a position for another rematch with Chris in Cobra Kai season 6.

 In order for Mitch to be considered a member of the opposing side, it would be necessary for him to apologise for his actions and persuade Daniel and Johnny to accept him back. Until such a resolution is reached, his status remains uncertain.

Kenny versus AnthonyAlthough Daniel's daughter has managed to resolve her issues with Tory, unfortunately, his son's bullying situation remains unresolved. Anthony LaRusso's actions towards Kenny had consequences that caught up with him in Cobra Kai season 4. As the season progressed, Kenny's character underwent a transformation from being a victim to becoming a villain. 

At the conclusion of Cobra Kai season 5, it appeared that Kenny's allegiance to Terry Silver had been compromised. However, there was no specific scene in the episode that suggested he had completely abandoned his torment of Anthony. The downfall of Cobra Kai could be seen as a potential step in that direction.Daniel versus KreeseKreese from Cobra Kai seems to have quite a few lingering grudges. 

Aside from the conflict he has with Terry Silver, Kreese is also engaged in a continuing dispute with Daniel and Johnny. The events of season 5 only served to heighten the intensity. The act of being deceived into revealing information will undoubtedly serve as a strong motivator for him, especially now that he is free. Furthermore, in the final scene of Cobra Kai season 5's finale, it was strongly suggested that he would seek revenge against the two.

The problems he has with Daniel are clearly evident in Cobra Kai. In season 2, it became clear that Kreese has not yet moved on from the events of the original Karate Kid trilogy. Mr Miyagi, the true antagonist in the movies, passed away years ago, but his legacy continues to thrive in Daniel.

 Defeating him was Kreese's primary goal in seasons 2 and 3, and although Kreese may have accumulated more adversaries at this stage in the series, it's inevitable that the show will eventually revisit the antagonist's animosity towards Daniel.

Hawk versus KennyIn Cobra Kai season 5, the conflict at the pool party escalated significantly when Hawk and Kenny engaged in a fight later on in the story. Kenny's unexpected victory over the defending champion of the All Valley Karate Tournament's boys division was achieved through the use of Terry Silver's secret Silver Bullet move. 

It's highly unlikely that Hawk's ego will be able to overlook the bruise left by this incident when Cobra Kai makes its return. It seems likely that for Kenny to join Johnny and Daniel's dojo, some sort of resolution between him and Hawk will be necessary in order for them to become allies.


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