Two people have died in a new fight in Nkwanta South.


A witness captured the moments leading up to the unfortunate event.

Within the video, there is a modest gathering of onlookers inside a circus tent. A gentleman can be observed grasping a rope suspended in the centre of the circus. Positioned in the middle, there is a woman who is connected to another rope fastened around her neck.

The person below carefully adjusts the rope, guiding the acrobat to perform synchronised turns, with the rope delicately draped around her neck.

There has been a recent outbreak of ethnic conflict in the Nkwanta South Municipality of the Oti Region, resulting in the loss of two lives and several others being injured by gunshots in the escalating violence.

There has been an unfortunate increase in hostilities that started on Sunday, 31 December 2023. As a result, a young man in his 30s and another individual were shot in Odomi near Nkwanta on Tuesday, 2 January 2024.

The underlying reason behind this recent increase in violence can be attributed to a long-standing conflict between three ethnic groups in the region, centred around the Annual Yam Festival that was originally planned for October 2023.

The tensions have unfortunately resulted in a series of tragic incidents, causing many residents to make the difficult decision to leave their homes and find safety elsewhere.


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