The Ghana Armed Forces has recently introduced a new locally manufactured Jeep car, available for purchase at a price of Gh¢60,000.


The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has caused quite a buzz on the internet with the introduction of their new locally manufactured mini Jeep car called GAMIJ (Ghana Army Mini Jeep).

The GAMIJ was created by Warrant Officer Class One Awal Mohammed.

Based on the information provided on, the price of the jeep is Gh¢60,000.

The vehicle was unveiled at the West African Security Social Activity (WASSA), providing a convenient mode of transportation within the barracks.

Every military unit will now be equipped with one for operational tasks, which represents a modification of the tricycle commonly used in the area known as "Aboboyaa."

According to the authorities, each unit under the military command will be provided with one to assist them with their errands.

The first test drive included Vice Admiral Seth Amoama, CDS, Nii Dzasetse of La, and Major General Rtd Samuel Odotei, among other esteemed individuals.


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