Season 2 of Rings Of Power dashes the hopes of fans who were eagerly anticipating the Sauron storyline.

 It has been confirmed that actor Charlie Vickers will be returning to The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. This news suggests that audiences may not get the Sauron story they have been eagerly anticipating. 

The initial seasons of the Prime Video series unveiled a surprising twist for dedicated fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's works: Halbrand turned out to be the Dark Lord Sauron in disguise. 

This revelation came as quite a shock. It seems that this plot never occurred in canon, which suggests that Sauron's true story may never be revealed in The Rings of Power.The Silmarillion, written by Tolkien after his death, does not mention a character named Halbrand. 

However, it does recount the story of Annatar, an elf who cunningly tricked Celebrimbor and the elves of Eregion into creating the Rings of Power. 

Certainly, an event like this occurred in The Rings of Power season 1, as it was due to Halbrand's actions that Celebrimbor was able to forge the Three Elven Rings. Given the anticipation among fans of The Lord of the Rings, the revelation of Halband became even more significant.

 Nevertheless, it was somewhat disappointing that Sauron's 'Bringer of Gifts' form did not make an appearance, and it seems that the same will hold true for The Rings of Power season 2.Halbrand's inclusion in Ring of Power Season 2 suggests that Annatar will not be present.

As a Maia, Sauron had the ability to shapeshift throughout the history of Middle-earth. Among his various forms, Annatar has been considered the most alluring. The elf was said to possess great beauty, exceptional talent, and a captivating charm, making him a highly anticipated character for Lord of the Rings fans to see on screen. 

Nevertheless, Rings of Power introduced them to Halbrand, who, although intriguing, did not possess the regal elf persona that everyone enjoyed disliking. However, there was always a possibility that Annatar might show up in the future.Regrettably, it appears that Sauron's presence will be missing in The Rings of Power season 2 as Halbrand's actor has been officially announced as part of the cast list.

 Should Vickers choose to reprise the role of Halbrand in the upcoming installment of the Prime Video series, it appears improbable that the Dark Lord will assume a different manifestation. While it is not completely certain, actress Morfydd Clark's announcement that more Rings of Power will be forged in season 2 significantly diminishes the remaining hope for an Annatar appearance.

Creating more rings of power in Season 2 may lead to additional canon issues.Considering that Annatar is portrayed as the fair form of Sauron who creates the Rings of Power, it is interesting to note that Vickers has been chosen to reprise the role of Halbrand. 

This suggests that the series may continue to deviate from Tolkien canon. Perhaps it is possible that Halbrand is actually the equivalent of Annatar in The Rings of Power, which means that we shouldn't anticipate the literal appearance of the character. Halbrand's comment to Celebrimbor, "Call it...a gift," is a clear nod to the Annatar character, as the name means "lord of gifts." 

This supports the idea.However, I would like to inquire about the creation of the Rings of Power in the absence of Annatar. It appears that Celebrimbor has already encountered Halbrand. While Galadriel did not reveal his true identity, the man's unexpected vanishing in season 1 raised some suspicions. 

It appears that the elf may have reservations about placing his trust in Halbrand to assist him in creating a collection of formidable weapons. It is evident that the approach taken by Rings of Power will result in a significant departure from the events depicted in Tolkien canon.

How Rings Of Power Season 2 Could Incorporate Both Halbrand & AnnatarConsidering the significant deviations the Prime Video series has made from the original story, it remains a possibility that the writers might reimagine the events to include Annatar alongside Halbrand in The Rings of Power season 2.

 While Sauron's transformation was not as frequent, it would be beneficial for the Prime Video series to cast Vickers as Halbrand in Mordor and then switch to another actor for the role of Annatar in Eregion.

It would be quite enjoyable, particularly if this fresh elf character were initially introduced under a different name.

 It is possible that audiences may not find it particularly noteworthy for another elf to arrive in Eregion and form a connection with Celebrimbor. That is, until at some point in the season, someone decided to give him the nickname "lord of gifts"—Annatar.

 It would be quite unexpected, particularly because Halbrands' presence would confuse the audience. It's the type of manoeuvre that The Rings of Power has clearly shown a fondness for.


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