Profile of the newly appointed Chief of Defence Staff

Major General Thomas Oppong-Peprah, the recently appointed Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), joined the Ghana Armed Forces in 1986 as a member of Regular Career Course 26.

He was recognised as the top performer and received the prestigious Military Cane at the Ghana Military Academy.

Upon graduating from the Academy, he was assigned to the Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, Gondar Barracks in Accra, where he served as a Second Lieutenant.

He achieved significant career milestones, including serving as the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) since March 2020. Prior to this role, he held esteemed positions such as the General Officer Commanding, Southern Command of the Ghana Army, and the Chief of Staff at the General Headquarters for a year.

The new CDS has held various appointments throughout his career, including serving as the Aide-de-Camp to the Chief of the Army Staff and Chief of the Defence Staff, Ghana Armed Forces. He has also served as an Operations/Training Officer in the 64 Infantry Regiment, where he eventually became the Commanding Officer. Additionally, he took on the role of Commanding Officer for the Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment.

In addition to his role as the Coordinator of State Transport Security, he served as an Instructor for the Disaster Management Course at the Army Combat Training School in Teshie.

In addition to his numerous other roles, he also served as the Director of Strategic Intelligence Assessment of the Defence Intelligence Department at General Headquarters, as well as the Director of Operations and Plans at the Defence Industries Department, also at General Headquarters.

Major General Oppong-Peprah has successfully completed numerous career progression courses. He has the distinction of being the first and only Ghanaian military officer to have attended the Combined/Joint Forces Land Component Commanders Course at the USA Army War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

In addition to his impressive educational background, he has completed his studies at the renowned Royal College of Defence Studies in London, United Kingdom and has also undertaken the Senior Intelligence Course at the Joint Intelligence Centre in Strasbourg, France.

In addition to his academic achievements, he completed the Law of Combating Terrorism programme at the Defence Institute of International Legal Studies in Newport, Rhode Island, USA. He also successfully completed the Senior Command and Staff Course at the United States (US) Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA.

He has also completed additional career progression courses, such as the Senior Command and Staff Course at Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College in Teshie. Additionally, he successfully completed the Junior Command and Staff Course at the Command and Staff College in Kaduna, Nigeria, where he was honoured with the Best Allied Student Award.

 He also completed the Armour Officer Basic Course at the US Army Armour School in Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA.Maj Gen Oppong-Peprah has an extensive background in peacekeeping operations. 

He has served as a Humanitarian Officer on the United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda, as a Military Observer in the United Nations Aouzou Strip Observer Group in Libya and Chad, and as a Detachment Second-In-Command/Troop Leader on the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon/Israel in 1987, 1989, and 1992, respectively.

He served as a board member of the Governing Council of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) for a period of three years. He has a lovely family with five children.


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