Melissa Gilbert, 59, is quite fond of this balm that provides a lovely, radiant glow.

Melissa Gilbert has chosen to forgo Botox, but she still appreciates a subtle radiance. During a recent interview, she graciously revealed her preferred product for achieving a lovely natural glow. 

She expressed her admiration for Jones Road Beauty's Miracle Balm in an interview with USA Today. 

"It provides a stunning radiance."If you're not already acquainted with the beloved, multi-purpose balm, it serves as a fundamental product in Jones Road Beauty, a renowned cosmetic brand founded by the esteemed makeup artist Bobbi Brown.

 Brown created the balm with the intention of meeting the requirements of dry, ageing skin, offering a combination of radiance, hydration, and colour in one product.

The brand's website describes the balm as a "no-makeup-makeup" that effortlessly blends into the skin when applied with fingertips. 

The product is available in 10 different shades that can be used for various purposes such as bronzing, blush, highlighting, and even as a lip balm. "The Magic Hour is my personal favourite because it gives a beautiful luminosity on the cheek," Brown previously shared with Prevention. 

"Occasionally, I only apply that when I want to enhance my appearance or as a finishing touch to my makeup routine." She has also expressed appreciation for Happy Hour, which certainly lives up to its name. This shade of pink is absolutely lovely and has a way of enhancing your natural beauty. She happily exclaimed to Prevention that she was instantly delighted.

The formula of the balm contains nourishing ingredients such as jojoba oil, argan oil, and vitamin E, which effectively work together to provide hydration and moisture to the skin.

 "As we age, it is important to ensure that the texture of our skin appears smooth, even, and natural," Brown shared her makeup tips for women over 45 with Prevention in a gracious manner. "I strongly believe that moisture is the best approach."

Small and lightweight, the balm conveniently fits in your bag so you can add a touch of radiance whenever necessa

ry, such as when you enter a restaurant after enduring the cold winter wind. Reviewers have expressed their admiration for it, just like Gilbert and Brown. At the age of 69, I take great care of my skin. 

However, I have always struggled with wearing foundation as it never seems to give me the desired look. One shopper expressed their satisfaction, stating that this product looks beautiful on their skin and provides a lovely glow. "It brightens your face and leaves it feeling incredibly hydrated," another person mentioned. 

Another person enthusiastically wrote, "Miracle balm is absolutely amazing!"It's easy to see why Gilbert is such a fan. Below, you'll find more of her recommended skincare picks for you to shop.


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