'Little House on the Prairie': Here Are The Movie Specials

'Little House on the Prairie' was a beloved series during its time.Are you aware of the movie specials? Find additional information on this topic here

The beloved Western drama 'Little House on the Prairie' captivated audiences for nine seasons, airing from 1974 to 1983 and delivering over 200 episodes of captivating drama! Viewers were left feeling disappointed and saddened by the conclusion of the series, as they bid farewell to beloved characters such as "Charles", "Caroline", "Mary", "Laura", and "Carrie".'Little House on the Prairie' Film Specials

The "Ingalls" wouldn't keep their fans waiting for too long. In late 1983, producers made a delightful announcement - three made-for-TV film specials were on their way! Released over the course of three months, fans can finally experience the long-awaited farewell they have been eagerly anticipating! 'Little House: Look Back to Yesterday'

December 12, 1983 marked the release of the first of the three movie specials, 'Little House: Look Back' to Yesterday on NBC. Under the direction of Victor French, also known as "Isaiah Edwards," "Charles" and "Albert" set off on a journey together. 

During the final episode of "Albert," portrayed by Matthew Labyorteaux, it is revealed that "Albert" is battling leukaemia. Although "Albert" had a sad ending, fans were provided with a sense of closure. 'Little House: 

Bless All the Dear Children'The next movie special is scheduled to air just one week after the first one, and it will be directed by Victor French as well. Audiences were fortunate to have one final Christmas with the cast, although it was certainly a lively and eventful one, reminiscent of 'Little House on the Prairie'. 

Audiences were delighted by the heartwarming story of 'Little House: Bless All the Dear Children', which featured a kidnapping and a Scrooge-like Christmas. 'Little House: 

The Last Farewell'The final movie special was eagerly anticipated and was released in February of 1984, adding to the suspense and excitement. Directed by Michael Landon and ranking 9th out of 59 programmes of its week, 'Little House: The Last Farewell' would definitely make the long wait worth it!.


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