A 5-storey building collapses in a matter of seconds.


Regrettably, a five-storey house in a village of Dhami area in the Himachal Pradesh capital Shimla, India, collapsed in a shocking incident.

The building was situated near the Degree College in Dhami, which unfortunately had also experienced cracks.

Based on available information, there were no casualties as the building had been evacuated a week ago due to safety concerns.

Following the collapse of the building, the road leading to a government college was unfortunately damaged, causing inconvenience to the flow of traffic.

The incident occurred at approximately 12 pm in Marahwag village, specifically at 16 Mile. Officials reported that the house, owned by Raj Kumar, was experiencing sinking issues and cracks had formed in the base columns of the building.

Although the exact cause of the collapse is still unknown, witnesses have suggested that the cutting of the hill on a neighbouring plot may have contributed to the incident.


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