There are reports stating that 50 Cent is facing a lawsuit of $1 billion regarding the show 'Power'.

Two lawsuits have been filed against 50 Cent and his popular show, Power, by an individual who asserts that he is the real-life counterpart of the character "Ghost." The first filing is for $300 million, while the second one is for $1 billion.

As reported by AllHipHop, Cory Holland Sr., who is said to have been known as "Ghost" during his alleged involvement in the drug trade, has filed a lawsuit in 2021 against 50 Cent, Courtney Kemp, Starz, and Lionsgate. The suit claims that Power's storyline heavily draws from his life without obtaining his consent.

Holland stated that the storylines were accurate portrayals of his life, originating from a collection of recordings he made in 2007. His intention was to dissuade at-risk youth from emulating his path by cautioning them about the perils of street life.

He mentioned that the success of Power caught the attention of law enforcement due to the striking similarities between the show and real-life events.In the complaint, Holland stated, "This lawsuit is not like those filed by overly obsessed fans or individuals seeking to profit from someone else's achievements." 

This is regarding the unfortunate incident of my life being taken without permission, and the negative consequences it has caused, including the defendants profiting from the unauthorised telling of my story.

Another lawsuit filed by Holland alleges that Fif's actions were intended to intimidate him. Holland is seeking $300 million in damages for emotional distress and claims that Fif was negligent in hiring and retaining employees. The lawsuit also includes other charges.

The Queens mogul reportedly wishes for this lawsuit to be dismissed as he and his legal team believe that Holland's filing is "untimely."

As per recently surfaced court documents, Fif's legal team pointed out that the plaintiff's claim of experiencing severe emotional distress is weakened by the allegations that the plaintiff owns a weapon and has made repeated attempts, along with his family, to confront Jackson.

The motion continued, stating that the alleged conduct occurred over a year before this Action was commenced, where Jackson came to plaintiff's home and neighbourhood. 

In late July or early August 2021, the Plaintiff recalls that defendant Jackson visited the Plaintiff's neighbourhood on two occasions, your honour.

 This claim is not timely. The assault claim should, therefore, be dismissed for failure to state a claim because the First Amended Complaint lacks any allegations to support such a claim against Jackson.

The lawsuit is also aimed at preventing Lionsgate Entertainment from using Holland's life story as the basis for future projects. Meanwhile, the $1 billion lawsuit is still pending.


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