Raising Kanan kills an important character in season 3


Unfortunately, Detective Shannon Burke's (Shanley Caswell) pursuit of the truth came to a tragic end. 

Throughout the season of Raising Kanan, there was a persistent effort to uncover the alleged corruption of Detective Malcolm Howard (Omar Epps). The protagonist attempted to gather evidence by confronting him about his relationship with an informant and a potential cover-up involving a murdered witness.

 Unfortunately, their conflict reached a tragic climax when he took her life in her own vehicle.Raising Kanan was a significant milestone in actress Caswell's life and career. She expresses that this show had a profound impact on her life. 

"I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Power universe and now the Power graveyard," she shares with EW.We had a conversation with Caswell regarding her character's strong commitment to justice and how it ultimately resulted in Shannon's downfall.Entertainment Weekly: May I inquire as to when you became aware of Shannon's passing?

I apologise for the inconvenience, but I was in the middle of Wyoming, travelling back from a wedding, and unfortunately, the service was quite unreliable. I received a call from Sasha [Penn, Raising Kanan showrunner] and unfortunately, the call quality was quite poor.

 I was aware that it was inevitable, but I was uncertain about the timing. I kindly requested that the death be a dignified and respectful one, once I understood his intentions. He confirmed that it was.Did you mention that you were aware of its arrival?

It seemed to be heading in that direction during season 2. Shannon had diligently fulfilled her role by planting seeds of uncertainty in as many individuals as possible. 

There are limited outcomes for a detective who becomes overly curious in the Power universe. That was more or less in line with our previous discussion about what would occur. Based on my observations, it seemed likely that it would occur in season 3.

May I ask what your initial reaction was when you found out that Howard would shoot her?

I found it to be excellent. She has this one final moment of attempting to make a breakthrough, but unfortunately, she ends up sabotaging herself by being overly talkative. Shannon's comment triggers a strong reaction from Howard, leading him to make a decisive choice. 

It seems that she often displays a strong determination and independence in order to make her point. Immediately following, 50 Cent's voice can be heard saying a strong statement about law enforcement, and the screen abruptly goes dark. That was a delightful moment.What does Shannon say that upsets him, in your opinion?

Everything she is saying is accurate regarding the crimes that Howard has committed and the falsehoods, but that is not what triggered him. 

In my opinion, it seems that [Howard] enters the conversation with the sincere intention of speaking with Shannon, until she reveals her knowledge of his involvement in Sam's [Tyson Hall] death. Engaging in such behaviour is subject to legal consequences, and Shannon possesses information that could potentially put his employment and personal well-being at risk. All other claims may be questionable, but this particular piece of evidence is solid and verifiable.

 He feels a sense of justification upon discovering the tape recorder and gun that Shannon possessed. He believed that her actions would lead to his downfall, which he felt justified his decision to take her life.Assuming Shannon made it out safely. Could you please share your perspective on how you envision that unfolding?

Shannon is feeling quite desperate at this point. She has unfortunately experienced the loss of her job, girlfriend, and the respect of her father. She had the gun in case things took a turn for the worse, [but] she had no intention of causing harm to Howard.

 Shannon would appreciate getting him on record to bring this matter to a close. This is her moment to showcase her innocence and prove her righteousness to all those she tirelessly tried to persuade throughout the entire season.Could you please share your experience shooting that scene with Omar?

I find it fascinating how well Omar and I personally get along. During scenes like that, it's quite surprising how intense the atmosphere can become. 

Once they call "cut," we quickly shift our focus to discussing topics like our favourite green juice at the moment. The atmosphere was quite intense as Shannon finally had the opportunity to confront him, something she had been eagerly anticipating for two seasons.

Shannon possesses an unwavering commitment to fairness. Could you kindly provide some insights on that particular aspect of the character? Unfortunately, it resulted in her passing.

She faces many challenges. Shannon faced a challenging situation when she started this job, especially as a female detective. Unfortunately, she didn't receive much support from others. Additionally, she had to navigate through the challenges of nepotism due to her father. 

It ignited a strong determination within her to prove herself despite facing numerous challenges. She is kindly advised to refrain from continuing as it is not within her jurisdiction, which only strengthens her determination. It seems to contribute to her determination. She unfortunately meets her demise while attempting to expose the truth, which is not in line with the typical approach in the Power universe.

She seemed to be lacking some knowledge and struggled to grasp the world around her.Throughout the entire process, starting from when she was inexperienced and Howard was guiding her, to the final scene, it becomes evident that she lacks knowledge on how to navigate this world.

Is there anything you would have liked to see from Shannon?

There was an intriguing aspect to Jukebox [Hailey Kilgore] that remained unexplored. There was a strong bond between them and it was truly meaningful. It would have been wonderful to witness further development in their relationship.


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