A driver's mate was sentenced to ten years in prison for robbery.

 Robbery-related sentencing in the Accra Circuit court for a 19-year-old driver's companion includes ten years in prison.

A businesswoman was robbed by Nathaniel Adjei of three phones and GH7000.00 in currency, with a combined value of GH2000.00.

Additionally, he caused damage to the door of the businesswoman, an item valued at GH¢800.00.

Adjei, who was charged with robbery, unlawful entry, and causing unlawful damage, acknowledged guilt but entered a not-guilty plea.

On November 16, 2023, when the case was called to trial, Adjei altered his plea from not guilty to guilty.

On the basis of his plea, the court officiated over by Mr. Kwabena Kodua Obiri-Yeboah found him guilty; however, the sentencing was postponed.

Adjei received the following sentences on November 23, 2023: one year in prison with hard labour for unlawful damage, one year in prison for unauthorised entry, and ten years in prison for larceny.

"Sentencing will occur simultaneously," the court further stated.

Police Chief Inspector Mensah Soadzedey, the prosecutor, informed the court that the defendant, Madam Ruth Martey, was an entrepreneur.

He stated that Adjei and the complainant were both residents of Teshie.

The prosecution alleges that the complainant returned home from work and retired to bed around 0100 hours on August 4, 2023. 

At approximately 0200 hours on the same day, Adjei breached into her room and unlawfully seized her Infinix Hot 10 mobile phone, itel tablet, and itel mobile phone, with a combined value of GH¢20000.00.The prosecution stated that the complainant decided to investigate the strange commotion that awoke her in her room.

"Upon awakening from her bed to investigate the situation, the complainant discovered the offender in her room carrying a bag containing GH7,000.00 in cash, an Infinix Hot 10 phone, an Itel tablet, and an Itel mobile phone," the statement continued.

The complainant allegedly attempted to retrieve her belongings from Adjei when he threatened to strike her with a knife.

According to the prosecution, Adjei threatened the complainant with a blade if she attempted to resist his robbery.

It was stated that upon seeing the dagger, the complainant became terrified, and Adjei fled with her belongings.

According to the prosecution, Adjei fled into concealment following the robbery.

The complainant reportedly filed a police report for an investigation into the incident.

On August 22, 2023, Adjei went to the complainant's establishment to purchase a kenkey, but was identified by her, according to the prosecution.

After she sounded the alarm, Adjei was apprehended and subsequently surrendered to law enforcement.

In his cautionary statement, Adjei confessed to robbing the complainant of her phones; however, he refuted the claim that the cash value was GH¢7,000 and instead stated that it was GHŽ1,000.

Adjei, according to the prosecution, additionally claimed that he sold the phones to Gonja but neglected to assist the police in locating the individual.

It was stated that efforts were being made to identify the aforementioned Gonja in preparation for his arrest.


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