More is on the way: Obaapa Gladys, the hitmaker of Nipa Bi Yɛ Cobra, thanks and reassures Ghanaians (Video)

Gospel singer Obaapa Gladys, the talented creator of the popular song Cobra, would like to express her heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful people of Ghana for their unwavering support.

Recently, Obaapa's unique vocals and her captivating song gained significant attention on social media, particularly on TikTok. The lyrics are quite amusing.

Cobra, a song that discusses individuals who may not always be truthful, has gained popularity among Ghanaians and other online users. The song quickly became popular on social media thanks to its entertaining lyrics, sparking a trend where users created funny videos inspired by the song's lyrics.

In her video, Obaapa Gladys graciously expressed her immense joy and gratitude for the overwhelming love and encouragement she has been fortunate enough to receive from her dedicated followers and online users.

 She kindly requested Ghanaians to consider streaming her music and to kindly follow her on all social media platforms.Obaapa Gladys kindly requested her fans to kindly keep an eye out for any upcoming music from her.


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