"As president, I will appoint ministers from various political parties" – Alan Kyerematen

Presidential candidate and founder of the Movement for Change party, Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, has kindly expressed his unwavering commitment to promoting unity among the people of Ghana.

During an interview on Kessben FM, the candidate expressed their strong commitment to fostering unity by actively seeking collaboration with individuals across various political parties.

According to him, an independent candidate believes that when voted into power, they prioritise their allegiance to the country. They assert that individuals who come to power through a political party often prioritise loyalty to the party over the development of the country.

"If elected as president, I would aim to unite the nation by respectfully considering the appointment of ministers from various political parties to collaborate and contribute to the development of our nation," he stated.

Mr. Kyerematen kindly mentioned that, in the event of his election, he intends to appoint ministers from a diverse range of political parties.

I intend to select my ministers not only based on their political party affiliations, but also take into account individuals who possess exceptional intelligence, strong leadership abilities, and a sincere dedication to contributing to the development of our country. He kindly added.

According to him, this step would potentially promote unity among the people and contribute to the progress and development of the country.

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