Mom cries for justice as 19-year-old Legon, a second-year law student, mysteriously passes away at a Central Region hospital after receiving an injection.

Following the tragic death of her 19-year-old son from an injection at the Ewin Polyclinic in Cape Coast, a Ghanaian mother has demanded justice.

She claims that after taking her son, a second-year University of Ghana Law School student, to the hospital for treatment of an asthma attack, they ultimately caused his death.

Telling her story, she claimed they took her son to the polyclinic because he had an attack and needed oxygen.

Her youngster was given an injection of an unidentified chemical after they requested her to purchase some medication for him while she was at the clinic.She said he became agitated after the injection and died in spite of the nurses' best efforts to resuscitate him.

The worst thing is that they moved him to the morgue right away and won't say how he died.

In an attempt to make the hospital answerable for what happened to her son, the traumatized mother is pleading for assistance.


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