Images of Justina, the Beautiful University Student Who Sakawa Boys Butchered, Appear Online

 An unexpected revelation has deeply affected the community surrounding the local university, shedding light on the secretive and troubling personal life of one of its students.

 Damian, a Level 400 Engineering student, has been identified as a suspect in the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend, Justina. 

Justina, who is also a student at the same institution, is pursuing a Bio-Chemistry degree. She has been in a relationship with Damian for an undisclosed period of time. However, unknown to the deceased, her boyfriend allegedly practiced ritualistic activities.

The circumstances surrounding Justina's disappearance occurred when she visited Damian one day and never returned to her hostel. Her friends, who thought she was spending time with her boyfriend, didn't become concerned until several days had passed. 

When asked, Damian stated that Justina had left his residence on the same day. Despite the best efforts of her friends, they were unable to reach her. 

 The concerning situation led them to report Justina as a missing person. As a result, posters with her image were widely distributed around the university campus in a sincere request for information. 

The unfortunate event has deeply saddened the university community, as they come to terms with the shocking news of their fellow student's alleged involvement in a terrible act. 


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