Bridgerton star explains their decision not to return and highlights a new, significant focus

Ruby Barker, an actor from Bridgerton, has revealed her reasons for leaving the Netflix period drama.

In the first two seasons of the show, Barker portrayed Marina Thompson, first in a major part and then in guest roles during the second season.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy to promote Zeze Millz's Breaking Through on ITVX, the actress stated that she will "probably not" reprise her breakthrough role for season three and beyond."Why wouldn't I return to Bridgerton?" she replied.

 "I wouldn't go back to Bridgerton for two reasons: first, it wouldn't be my decision, and second, I had a mental health crisis there (clearly, this is well known to the general public and such). So, as I was going through the most incredible and significant experience of my career, my health was rapidly declining.

It was more than simply a little case of anxiety, despair, or what have you. I was quite ill and was unable to handle things. You know, that's the reason I wouldn't go back to Bridgerton. Not only that, but my character on that show, Marina, has severe mental health issues. Her story arc is that.Moreover, I believe that the manufacturers She has a very, really horrible ending, you know. 

Given my background and what transpired while I was filming that role, I seriously doubt that the show's creators would ask me to return and wrap out that storyline. That is not going to occur. I completed my share."Barker is still happy with her time spent playing Marina, despite everything that happened to her on the show.

"I entered. I destroyed it. I performed well. I'm incredibly proud of who I am," she continued. "However, I've put it to bed as far as I'm concerned.

 It's a very bittersweet experience for me because, you know, it's not just ballrooms and brightly colored dresses. Positively, though, am I happy I went through it? Yes, I am. I'm much better. Simply said, I have a greater grasp of the value of mental health, especially for those in the creative industries.

The actress continued by explaining that she currently works extensively in the field of mental health and views it as her primary emphasis.

"I do work with a charity that supports actors' mental health, called Wellbeing in the Arts. They offer free mental health services to performers. Many performers are unaware that they may get this kind of content.

"In addition, I represent Mind. We're now running a campaign to demand that the government improve the quality of mental wards operated by the NHS in this nation. Though it's entirely different, the current state of affairs is horrifying, especially for people of color. And things have always been that way.

"And I really, truly mean it when I tell you that people are dying inside this system. And that terrifies me greatly.

Therefore, for me at this moment, that is the most crucial thing. I go to my interviews. I work on my artistic endeavors. But at this moment, the most crucial thing in my life is to improve the quality of mental health care."


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