A fire in Tesano destroyed an eight-bedroom house.

Unfortunately, an eight-bedroom house at Tesano, near the Charleston Hotel, has been severely damaged by a fire. The incident occurred on Wednesday, October 25th. 

The fire began at approximately 9:30 a.m. and rapidly engulfed the entire house. The house help mentioned hearing an explosion, but they only realized it originated from the house when another significant explosion occurred shortly after.

 The residents of the house were fortunate to have escaped without any harm, although the fire caused extensive damage to all of their possessions. Firefighters promptly arrived at the scene of the fire approximately 30 minutes after it began. 

Unfortunately, the house had already suffered significant damage by the time they arrived. The firefighters worked diligently for several hours until they successfully brought the blaze under control. We are currently investigating the cause of the fire. 

Residents of Tesano who witnessed the fire were deeply shocked and filled with disbelief. A few individuals mentioned that they had never witnessed such a substantial fire in this vicinity previously. 


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