Abossey Okai spare parts dealers threaten a demonstration over the GRA exercise .

The Abossey Okai Spare Parts Dealers Association kindly requests the government to consider their concerns within a two-week timeframe. 

They humbly ask for the cessation of the Ghana Revenue Authority's deployment of officers to shops for a tax-compliance and invigilation exercise.

The Authority, in its ongoing efforts to increase tax revenues, has planned to deploy its officers to the spare parts enclave starting from Monday, October 2. Their purpose will be to inspect receipts of customers.

Could you please ensure that the officers are present in the shops from morning to ensure that the traders are complying with Section 41 of the Value Added Tax (VAT) Act? Thank you.

However, the Association perceives this as "intimidation" and "disrespect."

In a statement over the weekend, the Association expressed their concern about the presence of GRA officers in our shops throughout the day. 

Our members have always been law-abiding citizens of Ghana, living in peace and providing services to their fellow citizens. We fail to understand the necessity for GRA to invite their officers to monitor our businesses solely for the purpose of revenue collection for the government.

The GRA office is currently implementing different approaches that may be perceived as intimidating or harassing, which some individuals may find concerning, in order to address tax-related matters.

On Monday, the shops in the spare parts hub were temporarily closed for a brief period of two hours before the leaders kindly addressed the journalists.

The purpose of the action was to express the traders' dissatisfaction with the initiative.

They mentioned that they may have no choice but to take to the streets if their concerns are not addressed by the government.


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