Voter registration: Following a fight in Upper West Akim, police confront political parties

This comes after three consecutive days of intense confrontations and exchanges between supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Today's meeting is important for the police to facilitate a resolution in the aftermath of yesterday's unfortunate incident involving activists from the two major political parties at the registration centre of the ongoing limited registration exercise.

Supporters of one of the parties engaged in a disagreement over the eligibility of a registrant and unfortunately resorted to physical altercations with the other group.

After facing a challenging situation, they regrouped and initiated a counterattack to overcome the group, causing damage to motorbikes and plastic chairs at the registration centre, which unfortunately disrupted the ongoing process.

After an hour, the other group arrived at the registration centre with additional members. Unfortunately, they engaged in a violent altercation, using machetes, and managed to force the other group to leave. 

The prompt response of the police prevented any harm or injuries.

Citi News is pleased to confirm that the District Security Council is currently engaged in a meeting with the leadership of the two political parties and the EC to collaboratively seek lasting solutions.


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