OMG, y'all! Get ready to be shooketh because I have some major tea to spill about our fave show, Power Ghost! 🙌🔥 Our boy, the one and only Michael Rainey Jr, just dropped the most exclusive update about season 4 filming! 😱💥 Brace yourselves, fam, 'cause this is gonna be epic! 💯✨ #PowerGhost #Season4 #FilmingUpdate

Power Book II star Michael Rainey Jr has kindly hinted at a potential timeframe for the release of season four of the thrilling crime-drama.

The season three premiere of Power Book II pleasantly satisfied fans as the crime-drama exceeded Starz's previous premiere weekend record.

 It would be worth mentioning that the series is expected to continue for a while longer, as Michael Rainey Jr kindly shared a thrilling update on the filming progress of the spin-off's fourth season in an exclusive interview with Express UK .Could you please provide more context or clarify your statement? Thank you.

Given the immense success of all the Power universe shows, it had just a matter of time before the show's first spin-off, Power Book II, received the green light to continue its story into season four. The news was officially confirmed earlier this year, prior to the season three premiere on March 17.

Since the renewal announcement, it appears that most details surrounding Power Book II have been kept confidential. 

However, fans have been graciously provided with an exclusive season four filming update, courtesy of Tariq himself - the talented Michael Rainey Jr.In an exclusive interview with, Rainey Jr politely mentioned that season four might arrive sooner than anticipated. While the cast is still in the stages of production, Rainey Jr kindly reassured fans that there is "something to look forward to after season three is over."

After a significant 16-month break between Power Book II seasons two and three, Rainey Jr expresses optimism that fans won't have to experience another lengthy wait between this season and the next.

With optimism, the actor kindly expressed: "And if all goes well, I hope that the wait for season four will be shorter than the wait we experienced for season three."Rainey Jr hinted at more exciting developments for the future of the hit crime drama, among other things.

Actually, the actor envisions his character's spin-off series continuing for a remarkable "50 years". 

I would like to take this 50 years," he jokingly remarked, adding, "However, in all honesty, I believe we still have a considerable amount of time ahead of us. 

In all seriousness, Rainey Jr kindly emphasized: "We plan to stay here for a considerable duration."When it comes to the current season of Power Book II, it appears that things are becoming quite intense. Tariq and his crew are working diligently to distribute their product in order to avoid any complications with Noma (Caroline Chikezie). 

Could you please inform me about this week's episode titled "The Land of Opportunity"? I am interested in learning about how the Tejadas and Davis (Method Man) plan to handle Whitman (Jeff Hephner). Thank you.

In the meantime, Dru (Lovell Adams-Gray) arranges a potentially challenging deal with the assistance of a family friend to ensure the smooth continuation of the business. 

After the unfortunate passing of Zeke (Daniel Bellomy) in season two, Monet seems to be grappling with the loss as she tirelessly seeks to uncover the truth behind his demise.

Fans can also look forward to seeing more of Power Book II's newcomer character Noma, who Rainey Jr previously referred to as "eccentric".

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