Ken Agyapong is in favor of sending troops to Niger.

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, a member of parliament representing Assin Central Constituency and the head of the House's Defence and Interior Committee, has supported the deployment of Ghanaian troops to Niger in the event that the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) initiates a military assault.

The West African sub-regional organization has requested that its member nations create a standby army as a potential solution to the Niger problem.

The coalition demands President Mohamed Bazoum's reinstatement as the duly elected head of state and his release from house detention.

On Thursday, August 17, the Committee of Chiefs of Defence Staff of Ecowas will convene in Accra to discuss how to proceed with reestablishing constitutional order in Niger.

The move by a joint West African military will operate as a deterrent to other states in the sub-region, according to Mr. Agyapong, a member of the Ecowas Parliament, who was speaking in an interview on TV3's New Day on Wednesday, August 16.

We have a responsibility as Ecowas nations, and you cannot evade it, he remarked.

According to him, the action "should serve as a deterrent because coups d'etat are becoming rampant in Ecowas so we should use Niger to serve as a deterrent and say anybody who tries again, Ecowas will come after them and this is not the first time"

He praised Ghana for its soldier contribution to the force and said that it is still a vital member of Ecowas.

"Ghana is, in fact, the second-most significant nation in West Africa. I am required to do so since I had previously served as an Ecowas member of Parliament.

He emphasized that because there are already too many coups in the area, they should not be tolerated.

"If we make a mistake and allow coups d'etat all over West Africa, tomorrow it will be me and you, and the first thing is that the two of us will go to jail first before anybody," he said to host Roland Walker.

"They will dissolve the legislature, detain journalists, and investigate any coup attempts.

 As a result, the security of this country is of utmost importance, and prevention is always preferable to treatment, regardless of cost. You will not spend as much on prevention as on treatment.Ken Agyapong is in favor of sending troops to Niger.

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