Melissa Gilbert on the Consequences of Getting Married for Love (Rather Than Money)

Melissa Gilbert, who starred in Little House on the Prairie, has been married three times. She would probably have said that each marriage was arranged out of love if you had asked her at the time. 

In contrast, she discovered love and "limited funds" when she married Timothy Busfield for the third time.

For whom money was no object, according to Melissa Gilbert's contemporariesFollowing their 2013 marriage, Gilbert and Busfield cohabitated in a modest house in Michigan, Busfield's home state. They purchased a dilapidated "cabbage" in the Catskills in 2019 to renovate (Gilbert's term for the house combining cottage and cabin). 

Gilbert and Busfield discovered they had to be particularly frugal with their money, particularly following their respective divorces from their prior relationships. The former Laura Ingalls actor couldn't help but notice a significant distinction between herself and some of her professional contemporaries. 

In her 2022 memoir, Back to the Prairie, she stated, "I knew plenty of people in Hollywood, contemporaries of mine, for whom money was no object." "Their residences resembled modern art galleries. They could have as well been from another planet. They did, for the most part.'Funds were scarce' for Gilbert and Busfield.

When it came to Gilbert and Busfield, "money was an issue." And as everyone who has ever renovated knows, costs can mount up rapidly. The same thing happened at "the cabbage."  

Gilbert writes, "We had used Tim's Directors Guild retirement to buy the property and had set aside a portion of the balance to deal with the renovations." Money was scarce. We had to be conscious of our spending, which required daily discussions about the most practical and painless method to complete the job while still reaching the vision we had for modernising and personalising the cabbage.

On not getting married for moneyWhile many of Gilbert's contemporaries could afford mansions fit for a modern art museum, many others could not. Actors frequently find themselves in comparable financial situations as Gilbert and Busfield. This was just the result of deciding to pursue a career in art as opposed to one in finance, law, computer programming, or dentistry, according to Gilbert.

Gilbert had never made it a practise to enter a marriage for money, but she most definitely didn't do that with her third husband. Gilbert said, "It was also the reality of marrying for love instead of money."

 "I know someone who only half-jokingly suggests getting married once for money and once for love. Even while having a lot of money can certainly make life simpler, Tim and I were in our third marriage counselling session when we realised that only love had any chance of saving our union. 

Money can't buy the only thing that gives life meaning and fulfilment.Where they could, they made savings. They talked about money all the time. The two actors are currently living a very contented and serene life in the mountains together.

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