50 Cent has spoken out about the salary inequality he encountered when developing his record-breaking Power series for the STARZ network.

The G-Unit tycoon discussed how he wasn't taken seriously when he first made the transition from music to television, saying that HBO, Showtime, Paramount, and Hulu all rejected his Power series."We visited all of these organisations in the beginning. They most likely already had something else they thought was comparable, or it wasn't what they were looking for, according to 50 Cent. They probably regret passing on it now.

At some point, STARZ, which at the time was a relatively young network, decided to take a chance on Fif's crime drama. This proved to be the right move because the show ultimately became its biggest programme and set numerous records.

Although there were many highs, there were also some lows. According to 50, there would always be a problem when it came time to renegotiate his contract with the network, which he believes was related to the diversity of the programme.

Then, he continued, "every two years, it felt like we were going for a big carrier." "Renegotiating is necessary, but there would be a problem. Therefore, racism is really what it is in my opinion at that time. Despite the fact that the initiative is a success, the platforms do not always recognise items that are related to diversity. They didn't put much effort into the award-show ceremony, even though I was outperforming a lot of the shows they had there, so it lost.But the problems persisted. 

When 50 Cent was pushed to elaborate more after stating that he took a significant pay cut when he left the music industry to establish his brand in the realm of television, he revealed the amount he was supposedly being paid per episode of Power, which would surprise a lot of people.

"There's no one that could come and tell me to take $17,000 to act, executive produce, and make music," he remarked. "I offered them the Power theme tune. I provided them with the items in hopes that they would connect to it differently.

 Can you see what I mean? And you get all of that for $17,000 per episode? Going to the club and waving earns me additional money.Despite feeling as though he was being lowballed, 50 just wanted to be on the show. I really wanted to make it, he added. "Nah, I got to be like this," I said when I first spoke with executive producer Mark Canton.

Get Rich Quick theory The Tryin' hitmaker made these remarks after recently confessing that he "hates" that he achieved great success with STARZ because of the deteriorating nature of his relationship with the premium network.

According to a tweet from 50 in April, "I have the number 1, 2, 3, and 4 top TV shows in African American, and Latina households, and i hate that i did them with the wrong people." "I'm not producing any BMF spin-offs or pitching any other shows to STARZ," the author said.

While Season 3 of Power Book II: Ghost made a triumphant comeback to STARZ earlier this year, 50 Cent has since joined the FOX family.After his contract with STARZ concluded in September 2022, the G-Unit tycoon signed with FOX in February for upcoming TV and film projects in collaboration with his G-Unit Film & Television production company.

"I am excited to formalise a partnership with Michael Thorn and FOX that will allow G-Unit Film & Television to focus on putting multiple series on FOX, a perfect broadcast destination for G-Unit Film & Television content," 50 said in a statement.In the meantime, 50 Cent is getting ready for a significant international tour to mark the 20th anniversary of his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

The journey, known as the Final Lap Tour, begins on July 21 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and continues until September 17 across North America, stopping in places including Toronto, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and New York City, the birthplace of the 1950s.

Shortly after, on September 28, the European leg kicks out with performances in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, and the UK. At the end of the year, it travels to Australia and New Zealand before wrapping up on December 14 at Auckland's Spark Arena.

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