The GNFS recovers $9000.00 from the Gomoa accident scene.

9000 dollars have reportedly been recovered from the scene of the Gomoa accident and given to the police, according to the Winneba Fire Service.

They claim that a fuel tanker and the bus, which was headed for Ivory Coast, collided violently and caused the catastrophe.Ivory Coast, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia were among the countries represented on board.

The Yutong bus driver was allegedly dozing off and frequently swerved off his lane, according to DCOP Kwesi Huges, who was speaking on Peace FM's Kokrooko show.

A total of 40 persons have been saved alive and transported to the Municipal hospital and Winneba trauma centre while around 16 people have been declared dead.

The vast majority of the accident's passengers were traders.

The tanker's driver is conscious but unresponsive; although his eyes are open, he is unable to speak.

According to Nana Akomea, insurance does not cover such foreign-bound buses in the event that they are involved in accidents.

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