A man from GH kills himself after his sweetheart left him for a richer man.

A Ghanaian man, thought to be in his early 30s, killed himself when his committed girlfriend left him for a richer man.

Kwame Peter described how he spent all of his savings on Amina and her family but she still left him for another man despite the fact that he is now broke in an emotional Whatsapp recording that has since become popular on social media.

Even one of Amina's brothers was moved from the village to the city, enrolled in a private school, and had his tuition expenses paid for, according to the late Kwame Peter.

In the Whatsapp recording he sent to Amina before committing suicide, Kwame Peter, who sounded betrayed and distressed, also revealed how he made sure that Amina's parents were comfortable by sending them money whenever he had extra money on him.

He indirectly cursed Amina and her parents in the audio's closing moments for promising him their unwavering support but afterwards deserting him and delivering their daughter to another guy.

Watch the video down below:

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