The Third Season of Bridgerton's Story Details Benedict's Romantic Timeline

Bridgerton depicts the narrative of Colin and Penelope before it occurs in the books, but Season 3 hints that Benedict's romance will be worth the wait. 

Bridgerton, a Netflix series based by the novels of Julia Quinn, reorders the romances from the source material. This is especially true given that Season 3 focuses on Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington rather than Benedict and Sophie Beckett. 

According to the season's synopsis on Netflix, Penelope and Eloise's friendship will play an important role in the forthcoming season. Considering how Bridgerton frames Penelope and Eloise's friendship as a wonderful love story, it seems plausible that Eloise's romance will occur in the previously confirmed fourth season, bypassing Benedict once more.

 Unlike Benedict, Bridgerton has already established Phillip Crane as Eloise's love interest from To Sir Phillip, With Love. Before Eloise's story can be told, there are significant narrative beats that must come to fruition first. This is despite the fact that the romance show has altered its timeline to benefit Colin and Penelope's relationship in Season 3 (such as how Colin returns from his travels in Season 2 instead of years later in the book). 

Francesca is in the same position after two seasons of minimal appearances. Where does Benedict fit, then? The Third Season of Bridgerton Revises the Romantic Timeline The anthology books of Quinn influence Bridgerton to tell a confined love story each season, and the ensemble nature of the show makes room for different storylines beyond those of the featured couple.

 For instance, Season 2 chronicles the love story of Kate and Anthony, but the major cliffhangers are Eloise learning the name of Lady Whistledown and Penelope overhearing Colin swear he will never court her.

 The Season 2 finale, "The Viscount Who Loved Me," also sends Benedict on an exciting road when he walks out of art school, building on how Season 1 establishes Benedict's relationship in the novels. This ongoing endeavor to prepare Benedict for Bridgerton's adaptation of Quinn's plot from An Offer from a Gentleman makes Benedict a plausible candidate for Season 3's romantic lead.

 Nonetheless, the Polin and Peneloise-related cliffhangers are significantly more urgent and could add to the suspense of Benedict's story. The already-announced revisions to Romancing Mister Bridgerton may result in a future masquerade ball at the ton, presenting Sophie Beckett in a way that allows Bridgerton ample time to establish Benedict as the star for Season 4.

 Benedict's status as Anthony's confidant proves that he understands romanticism. Why Bridgerton Will Delay Revealing Benedict's Romance Bridgerton's desire to delay telling Benedict's story is reasonable, albeit aggravating. However, Season 2 makes him susceptible to repeating the same plot throughout the third and fourth seasons if Bridgerton delays Benedict's promotion to the lead until Season 5 or later. 

Benedict's narrative in An Offer from a Gentleman focuses on his family responsibilities, art appreciation, and Sophie. While Season 2 of Bridgerton sees him confront the first more directly, Benedict is left in a position to fall back in love with art and meet Sophie.

 Season 4 is the best time to tell Benedict's love story, despite the fact that the cliffhanger is not as compelling as those involving Polin and Peneloise. The introduction of Sophie at the start of Season 3 might set this in action and prevent Bridgerton from continuing its trend of losing its primary romantic leads to off-screen happily ever afters so soon after their respective seasons conclude. There are already doubts about whether Simon Basset should be recast. Now it must also provide an explanation for Daphne's off-screen presence.

Following saying farewell to the first season's leads, Bridgerton will likely focus on the relationships of the Bridgerton brothers' main three (Anthony, Benedict, and Colin) for as long as possible, given that Gregory's tale will come later.

 It is yet unknown how frequently Kate and Anthony will return in Season 3 and beyond. 

Lady Whistledown increases the likelihood that Bridgerton will continue to feature Penelope (and, ideally, Colin) beyond the forthcoming season. With so much suspense and mystery, Benedict's tale is well worth the wait.

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