Date of the launch of the fifth season of Virgin River: earlier for season six?


How could you not be eager for the fifth season of Virgin River to appear on Netflix, if you're like most people? This is a dramatic, romantic show that happens to be one of the most popular shows on the streaming site, and we believe that huge things are on the horizon.

 The actors and crew are obviously aware of everything at this point, which is a direct result of having filmed the entire performance.

 They are in a difficult position where they must remain silent and hope Netflix will reveal something soon to make the next several months easier. 

(Most likely, new episodes will be available in July.) Is there a chance that season 6 will be renewed within the next several weeks? This is the announcement we're most interested in right now, and it has to do with one simple thing: a prospective writers' strike that could occur later this summer. 

Several networks have already renewed some series early, primarily to be proactive in the event of future cancellations. It is prudent to do so if you have a massively successful program and wish to increase the likelihood of maintaining your production schedule. (Of course, another factor that helps is ensuring that the writers receive a fair deal and that there is no strike.)

Since that season 6 would have to begin production in the summer in order to maintain the same filming schedule as season 5, there is already a strong argument for renewing Virgin River soon. We prefer to believe that this is the cherry on top.

 We anticipate that the premiere date for season 5 will be revealed in late April or early May. This is consistent with what we observed last year.

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