The Little House on the Prairie series: Four Reasons Why We Adore the show

Little House on the Prairie premiered in 1974, but it remains a favorite among many television viewers. Here are four reasons why we enjoy the program.

The entire family is welcome to watch "Little House on the Prairie."

Little House on the Prairie is the only show suitable for the entire family. It is a wholesome show with intriguing plots. You will not need to shield your child's eyes or be on high alert for inappropriate words. Melissa Francis (who played Cassandra Ingalls) claims that Michael Landon taught her the value of hard work and responsibility. 

She tells Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford of the Today show that she is grateful for the lessons she has learnt. Francis explains, "So many of the principles I have and the factors that have influenced my life I learnt back then."

 "He [Michal Landon] certainly ran a tight ship, but he also taught us the importance of a job well done and the pride in one's own salary. We had a lot of fun off camera, but [Landon] was quite serious when it was time to leave."

2. It's soothing

Nothing beats watching an episode of Little House at the end of a hard, stressful day. Seeing the Ingalls family go about their day is comfortable. Charles, Caroline, Laura, and Mary become a part of your family the longer you watch.

Melissa Gilbert (who portrayed Laura Ingalls) expressed that she enjoyed working on the show. Gilbert asserts that Michael Landon was a stern supervisor, yet he allowed the cast and crew to enjoy themselves. She warmly recalls her time spent on set.

It was amusing. "Pure, unadulterated enjoyment," Gilbert writes in Prairie Story. "Every day was a new adventure for me, dressing up in pioneer garb and collaborating with such a kind and creative cast and crew. 

We became a family soon." 3. Nellie Oleson is unforgettable Nellie Oleson, portrayed by Alison Arngrim, is an unforgettable television character. She was the local bully who was out to make things tough for Laura Ingalls. 

Seeing Nellie and Laura interact is amusing. Arngrim claims fans had significant emotions when she visited publicity events. A stranger who was unable to distinguish Arngrim from her TV role became enraged and tossed a soda can at her. 

"You wouldn't believe the things that have been spoken to me!" Arngrim tells Zoomer Everything. Someone in the audience once hurled orange drink at my head while I was participating in a Christmas parade. Individuals have panicked in my presence." It's a little stroll down memory lane.

If you appreciate watching old television series that take you back to your childhood, Little House is for you. Even if you were not a youngster when the show originally ran from 1974 to 1983, it is likely that you have watched reruns.

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