The 'Outer Banks' actor outlines the difference between Sarah and John B's sentiments for Topper.


Netflix Outer Banks actor Madelyn Cline discussed Sarah's hook up with Topper and her friendship with John B in season 3.

The love story of the primary protagonists John B. Routledge and Sarah Cameron has been a backbone of Outer Banks since the debut of its first season on Netflix in 2020.

In the series, John B. and Sarah chose to stand by each other through all thick and thins, even making the decision to unofficially marry at sea after escaping the Bahamas.

Nevertheless, being from diverse backgrounds, their partnership continues to exemplify that a person is defined by their choices rather than the life they're born into.

Yet, since the couple's poignant ceremony, Sarah feels inclined towards her ex-boyfriend, Topper, in numerous circumstances.

When Sarah and John B. went through a tumultuous phase in their relationship during the latter half of Outer Banks season 2, prompting Sarah to turn to Topper for support.

In an interview with Screen Rant, actress Madelyn Cline was questioned if Sarah still has feelings for her old pal.

"Sarah's entire narrative, from my perspective, is around her finding a new family with the Pogues and her relationship with John B. 

She has sacrificed everything, and in the process and in her new life, she has lost so much. Hence, when she feels like she's been booted out of it, she returns to what seems familiar; what feels comfortable. And she performs this "She elaborated.

"There's probably still a part of her that is maybe lamenting the loss of her old friends, her previous life, when things were cozy. So, for me, that's what it was" she continued. The 'Outer Banks' actor outlines the distinction between Sarah and John B's sentiments for Topper.

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