Power Book 2: Ghost: LightskinKeisha opens up on how she landed the role of BruShandria Carmichael

LightSkinKeisha is this week's guest on The Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr & Gianni Paolo. Keisha portrays BruShandria Carmichael in Power Book II: Ghost. Throughout the broadcast, Keisha discussed how she secured the role.

"One of my pals said, 'Courtney Kim follows you,' and I thought, 'Who's going to give?' They thought, "OK, she's the executive producer of power." I was astounded and asked, 

"What?" That's the situation, you know? Due to the fact that you were, did you watch the show? Thus, I received a tweet about it. I tweeted, "I remember when everyone was talking about Power, and I was like, 'What the hell is this show?'" I have never seen it.

 "I'm going to get into it, and here I am, years later," Keisha added. "That is insane, but I wasn't watching it at the time, bam. Hence, my agent contacted me. He's like they want you to be on Power's spin-off, and I'm like Power's spin-off. I asked, "What is it?" and he responded, "Power Book 2 or something like that." I was dumbfounded. I believed it to be a joke. 

I believed someone was trying to defraud me since the offer seemed too good to be true. It's insane since the news made me wonder what I did to deserve this. So, what do you mean by a Power spinoff? What are you even talking about? 

They want to fly you out, so he is carrying out all of these actions. I respond, "Well, we'll see you, man." So they continue to update me on everything they are receiving. So, when I go, I usually bring two security blah blah blah you know boom. When you go up there with him, you can't take any security measures. So it appears that these mother fers are attempting to rob me. I was really scheduled for a straight fitting at Steiner."

 She continued, "I believe they are attempting to frame me. Someone is attempting to murder me or something. I have no idea what the f I did. I am five-eight, you understand, as thick as a milkshake, causing it to tremble like an earthquake.

 Okay, if I go there, I'll notice that they didn't reserve the flight and everything else. So, I'm thinking, well, we'll see when I walk up there, but if someone attempts to test me, I won't go down without a fight. It will be my tale, but I was cool with it. I was dubious and fearful because I thought, "Oh my God, you didn't speak to anyone.

You did not interact with Courtney. It was just your agency being like I haven't even met Courtney yet. I thought, what the f? Such it was until we arrived at Steiner right, where I entered and noticed signs resembling Ghost's closet.

 I'm like, this crap is legit. So I'm thinking, what the f are they doing with the fitting? I was like, "Oh my god, and this was back in the first season when they were doing this." Courtney Kemp made a straightforward proposal to Keisha. Apparently, Kemp told Michael Rainey Jr. that she was creating a character based on LightskinKeisha. 

In response, Rainey stated that you cannot write a character based on LightskinKeisha without a performer. Thus, Rainey Jr. instructed Kemp to recruit Keisha for the role.

She would then disclose that she had not met Kemp until the initial table read.

Last year, LightSkinKeisha was interviewed by Nick Hamilton of Nitecast Media, who discussed being inspired by her Ghost's co-stars.

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