OuterBanks Season 4 filming locations

Outer Banks is a Netflix series about teenagers and modern-day treasure seeking along the Outer Banks or OBX of North Carolina. In the show, teenagers search for a buried treasure believed to be connected to the disappearance of John B's father. The island is divided into two sections: Figure 8 and The Cut.

 John B and his buddies are members of the Pogues, a group comprised of members of The Cut, or the lower class on the islands. The Kooks are the rich upper class from the Figure 8 section of the island, and they are also searching for the treasure, causing the two factions to clash in a manner reminiscent of West Side Story in the twenty-first century. The third season of the popular teen mystery series Outer Banks was recently released in early January of this year, and a fourth season has been guaranteed. 

The majority, if not all, of the series was filmed in South Carolina, despite the fact that it is set in North Carolina. If you can't get enough of Outer Banks and want to thoroughly immerse yourself in the show, check out some of the actual filming sites listed below. Kildare Harbor's majority of boating and water scenes were shot in Shem Creek. Shem Creek is a popular place for South Carolina locals to hang out by the marina, watch the sunset, and enjoy a variety of culinary options. 

Heyward's Seafood, which was owned by Pope's father, was filmed in the actual restaurant of Geechie Seafood, which is located on Shem Creek. The Wreck, which is owned by Kiara's family, was also filmed in a restaurant in Shem Creek called The Wreck Of Richard and Charlene. Kiawah Island Golf Course Kiawah Island Golf Resort is situated on South Carolina's Kiawah Island, just south of Charleston. 

The golf resort served as the setting for the Island Club, which is where the Kooks held the Midsummer Night Ball and is typically the most upscale gathering spot. If you visit this site in person, you can dine at a beachfront restaurant and participate in a variety of beachside activities.

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina's Pitt Street

Pitt Street, located in the Old Village Area of Mount Pleasant, is the setting for numerous sequences in Outer Banks. Pitt Street is the background of downtown Kildare. The Sheriff's Station is filmed at a local condominium complex, while the Kildare Island Surfboard Store was filmed in The Green Shutter antique shop. You may visit all the adorable and quaint mom-and-pop businesses and restaurants on Pitt Street. Charleston's Lowndes Grove Estate, South Carolina

The Cameron family estate can be viewed by traveling to Charleston's low country. The Lowndes Grove is largely utilized for weddings and special occasions. Its architecture and art from the 18th century make it a destination of awe for anybody who goes and experiences the environment there for their activities.

Charleston's Creekside Lands Inn, South Carolina

You can stay in the room John B and Pope broke into at the Summer Winds Motel. Room 229 at the Creekside Lands Hotel in Charleston is the location where Season 1's episode was recorded.

The municipality of Morris Island, South Carolina

Outer Banks images depicting marches and shipwrecks were filmed on Morris Island, one of the islands directly below Charleston. Notably, these scenes were shot in Lighthouse Creek in Morris Island, and the red and white lighthouse can be seen in the background of some of them. South Carolina's Morris Island and Hunting Island Lighthouses

Upon receipt of treasure-related hints, the Pogues visit the Redfield Lighthouse. Both the Morris Island Lighthouse and the Hunting Island Lighthouse were used to film The Redfield Lighthouse. The inside of the Redfield Lighthouse is the Hunting Island Lighthouse near Beaufort, South Carolina, whereas the outside of the Outer Banks location is the Morris Island Lighthouse.

Charleston's Gaillard Center, South Carolina

When John B. and Sarah visit the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, they are in fact visiting the Gaillard Center in Charleston. Several entertainers, artists, scholars, and even the Charleston Symphony perform at the Gaillard Center. During their trip to the University of North Carolina, John B. and Sarah also visit a picturesque park that can be seen by visiting Washington Square. 

Just around the corner from the Gaillard Center is the four-minute journey to Washington Square. Bathsheba Beach, Barbados In Season 2, when the Pogues plan to rescue Sarah from her family, the iconic and picturesque rocky coastline was filmed in Barbados. The kids infiltrate the ship before abandoning it and swimming to the nearest island to escape Sarah's relatives. Bathsheba Beach is renowned for its distinctive rock formations and becomes Poguelandia in Season 3.

Welchman Hall Gully, Barbados

In Season 3, while traversing the South American jungle en route to El Dorado, the gang discovers the El Dorado cave. This cave, which appears to have been filmed in South America, was really filmed in Barbados.

 Welchman Hall Gully is a tropical park with attractive hiking trails and cave excursions that is open to the public.

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