The Little House on the Prairie Alumni Melissa Gilbert is a Farmer Now! Check Her Income now

Melissa Gilbert became famous when she played Laura Ingalls Wilder on Little House on the Prairie. She was only 10 years old at the time. 

The talented actress stayed with the show until its end in 1983, which was nine seasons after it started in 1974. Melissa started her career almost 50 years ago, so her current net worth will surprise you.

How much money does Melissa Gilbert have?

Celebrity Net Worth says that Melissa has a net worth of about $500,000. The California-born actress is best known for her time on "Little House on the Prairie," but in 2001, she was elected President of the Screen Actors Guild.

 She was in that job until 2005. After Little House on the Prairie, Melissa starred in a lot of movies made for TV, like Choices, The Penalty Phase, Forbidden Nights, and Family of Strangers. In 1994, Melissa got the lead role in Sweet Justice, a one-season NBC legal drama. In 2009, the TV star went back to her roots by playing Caroline "Ma" Ingalls in a national tour of the Little House on the Prairie musical.

 The Emmy nominee showed off her dancing skills on season 14 of Dancing With the Stars in 2012. She came in fifth place at the end of the race. Three years later, Melissa got a recurring role on the show Secrets and Lies, but after only two seasons, the show was canceled. 

In 2021, she joined the podcast "Marvel Wastelanders: Black Widow," which her husband, Timothy Busfield, wrote and directed. Timothy and Melissa, who is also an actor, got married in 2013. They all live together as one big family. From her previous marriages, the Babylon 5 star has two children, Dakota Brinkman and Michael Boxleitner.

 Melissa is also a stepmother to Samuel Busfield, Daisy Busfield, and Wilson Busfield, three of Timothy's children from previous relationships. Since they got married, they have become grandparents! Where Is Melissa Gilbert Now?

Melissa wrote about how she and Timothy left Hollywood for a quieter life in upstate New York in her 2022 memoir, Back to the Prairie: A Home Remade, A Life Rediscovered. The two of them bought a small house in the Catskills and became "DIY farmers.

" Melissa's character on Little House on the Prairie was a big part of the reason for the big move. She said, "I want to be brave in everything I do, and a lot of that comes from Laura." "Watching Little House on the Prairie really made me want the life I have now."

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