Bridgerton significant clue indicates at who will be season four’s main character - and it’s not Benedict


The third season of Bridgerton will focus on the romance between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, reversing the order of the books. The third season of Bridgerton will return to television screens in 2023. 

The initial order saw Benedict's romance taking place during the third season, but astute fans have noticed that the second-oldest Bridgerton brother's story could be pushed back still another season.

Fans have noted that the author of the novels, Julia Quinn, has recently updated the Bridgerton section of her website, where the characters are listed in order of their appearances as the main characters, with Simon, Kate, and Penelope listed in order of their appearances as the main love interests on the show.

 Interestingly, Phillip Crane, Eloise's love interest in book five, is placed after Penelope, while Sophie, Benedict's love interest, is placed sixth. So, could Julia be hinting at the series' alterations? This would mean that Benedict and Sophie's tale would be the emphasis of the fifth season, and fans were not happy with the idea. Will Benedict's narrative be delayed once more?

In response to the theory published on Instagram, one user wrote: "NO, WE WANT BENEDICT," while another person commented, "I'm genuinely unhappy with the current state of affairs. They should adhere to the written word... Benedict and Sophie should be the center of attention, particularly Sophie." Each season will feature a different Bridgerton brother.

Others, though, pointed out that the arrangement could have other causes, with one writing: "I believe Philip's image is present because he has previously participated on the show. We already know the actor, but we do not yet know who will play Sophie."

Another admirer added: "Given that the program has only been renewed through season 4, this season is crucial. As much as I adore Eloise, I do not believe this plot will result in a renewal. 

The show will require large audiences, which means attracting new viewers... The Ben/Sophie plot has greater potential, and there has been much anticipation for it. If they delay it for an additional year or two, the show risks losing many viewers." What do you anticipate will occur?

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