Power Book IV : Force: Is Filming Done and Will There be crossovers?

Here is a ridiculous question to ponder for a moment: Is there a chance that filming for Power Book IV: Force season 3 will begin before the launch of season 2? On paper, this may appear absurd, especially given that the Joseph Sikora series has not yet been renewed. 

However, the more we consider it, the more probable it seems, and for a variety of reasons. Consider the fact that last year, filming for season 2 began in the second week of May; we do not anticipate the premiere of this season until close to the end of May 2023. 

If Power Book IV: Force is to maintain the same production schedule, Starz will need to renew the series and return to work a bit sooner. Given that they may have a great deal of faith in the story and the show's long-term performance, they could still do so. 

Oh, and we should also mention that there is already a strong case for season 3 production to begin early: Already, production on season 4 of Power Book II: Ghost has begun.

 As some of you may be aware, this program received a renewal not too long ago, and it will not premiere on Starz until March 17. 

We hope that the network can get more into a yearly routine when it comes to airing these series, as this is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. We are aware that there were logistical reasons for the delays across the board, but it is still difficult to observe from the outside.

There is evidence that a season 2 launch date announcement could be forthcoming in the near future, so let's hope that it arrives soon.

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