Yellowstone: Is Jamie, in Fact, a Coward?


Unanimously, one of the series' main characters has been labeled a coward, but fans are skeptical.

There are a number of strong-willed, determined, and violent characters in the Paramount Plus popular family tale, with family patriarch John Dutton and his highly devoted daughter Beth coming to mind first.

Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly are both excellent at portraying these strong characters, willing to commit any heinous deed to protect their family.

 However, one of the most impressive performances on the show is delivered by an actor portraying a very different type of person, one who is almost the exact opposite of the people he calls his family.

We are, of course, referring to Wes Bentley and his excellent portrayal as Jamie, the adoptive son and sibling of the previously stated pair of hardened Duttons.

Despite the fact that, as the story progresses, several of the other male characters frequently refer to Jamie as a coward and a cowardly coward, there are a significant number of people who believe that, despite his weaknesses, Jamie is incredibly loyal.

Jamie, despite being adopted by one of the wealthiest and most powerful cattle ranchers in the United States, elected to become a lawyer rather than join his adoptive father's successful cow breeding business. Moreover, contrary to what some fans believe, it was not really his choice. In reality, Kevin Costner's character merely believed that his adopted son was unfit for men's labor.

Jamie ultimately decides to remain by his adoptive father's side as his attorney and confidant despite all of these obstacles. Unlike his sister, Jamie prefers to use words and persuasion rather than physical force.

 He never becomes corrupted or violent, and even when his sister loses her temper and physically assaults him, he never retaliates in kind, standing his ground on an entirely different level.

Numerous supporters concur that Jamie is not a coward, but rather a loyal son and kind brother. It is merely a coincidence that he is less rude and more civilized than the rest of his family.

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