The first look at Season 3 of Bridgerton shows that Penelope is the best makeover story of 2023.

Julia Quinn's Bridgerton books have caught the world by storm after they were converted into a series that debuted on Christmas Day 2020.

 Bridgerton was the much-needed Covid-19 distraction upon its release, coming in second only to Stranger Things in terms of viewing hours.

After the antics of Daphne and Simon in Season 1, viewers were eager to see what Season 2 had in store. Anthony and Kate's romance was equally compelling, propelling the series to new heights. Kanthony was adored by fans! But where will Season 3 lead us, and what do we already know?

Bridgerton, Season 3 will, unlike the books, follow the story of Colin and Penelope from the fourth book Romancing Mr Bridgerton, skipping Benedict and Sophie's story An Offer from a Gentlemen.

According to rumours, Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) will move on from her crush on Colin (set up at the end of season 2 with his cruel comments) and look for a husband in Season 3.

 Lady Whistledown, of course, will need to marry someone who will give her as much freedom and independence as possible. Colin offers to be her mentor for the season in order to rebuild their friendship. 

Nonetheless, he eventually realizes that feelings are building. We were given a sneak peek of Nicola Coughlan on set with immaculate make-up and stunning hair as Season 3 production began. It's reasonable to say that the show's producers are aiming for a major Penelope makeover. From what we've seen so far, it looks spectacular. 

We should also point out that Penelope's transformation is all the more startling considering the producers toiled for two seasons to make actor Nicola Coughlan 'glow down' for her role.

 She was purposefully done up and costumed in unflattering ways, including shapeless, flashy gowns and weird updos. The end result was uncanny: they transformed a 30-something woman into a much younger, plain-looking girl.

However, based on the few snippets we've seen of Season 3, they've altered Penelope with more appealing material, colors, and cuts that show off her true beauty. Fans can't wait to see what happens next!

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