Wes Bentley discusses his struggles with leaving his role behind on the set in Yellowstone.

Wes Bentley, known for his part as Jamie Dutton in the series, has opened up about the impact his character's extreme grief had on his life.

As the first written series produced by Paramount, the show has received a lot of praise and grown significantly in popularity.

Over 12 million people have watched the fifth season of Yellowstone. According to reports, the show has taken a break since its midseason finale on January 1 with plans to return to the giant sometime this summer.

In an interview with The New York Times, Bentley discusses playing Jamie and the impact that character's intense sadness has had on his personal life.

Bentley acknowledges his gratitude for his Yellowstone role but admits it has been difficult to maintain a work-life balance while portraying the second-oldest Dutton son.

Bentley added that Jamie's unstable personality "permeates" his relationship with his family and that his wife frequently reminds him to put his on-camera role behind him.

"For the majority of my career, I've taken satisfaction in leaving everything at the door, or as an athlete may say, leaving it on the field. I'm not depressed, but Jamie's unhappiness penetrates my existence. He spoke.

In addition, he remarked, "He's always there behind me, clawing at it, especially when I'm filming. I'm really happy to have a terrific family and be where I'm at in life."

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