Season 5 of Virgin River Will start Airing in Early 2023. This is what to expect in Season 5

What can we hope for in the fifth season of Virgin River, which will air in 2023? Could this be the year that the show gets really big? Let's start by saying that almost every year of the Alexandra Breckenridge series has been a big one from the beginning. 

Just think for a second about how smart Netflix has been to run this show almost every year, and how its schedule has helped make that possible. This is not a show with a crazy long post-production time, and the production for the next batch of episodes is already done. 

What we want to say here is pretty easy to understand: This year, you'll get to see more episodes. It's mostly a question of when. Since the streaming service has always started the show in July, we can expect that to happen again. It might be a little bit earlier, but we don't want to promise anything. Even so, they could still find a way to surprise us in the future!

If the show does start in July, then most likely we'll find out more about it in April or May. Then, in June, we might be able to get some kind of longer trailer. How about a sixth season?

This is something that fans of Virgin River should also be on the lookout for right now. There's a good chance Netflix will make an announcement this spring, mostly to keep the production schedule the same. For that to happen, they would have to start making new episodes this summer.

We're not too worried about whether or not season 6 will be the last one right now. As long as the show stays as popular as it is on Netflix, there is no real reason for the service to stop showing it. What do you most want to see in season 5 of Virgin River this year?

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