From Jimmy's return to Beth hitting Jamie in the head with a rock, "Yellowstone" Season 5 Episode 8 has some of the craziest moments and most important questions and answers.

WARNING: This post has spoilers from "Yellowstone" Season 5, Episode 8, "A Knife and No Coin," which aired for the first time on Paramount Network on Sunday, January 1.

Merry Christmas! When we last heard from the Duttons, it was right before Christmas, and Jamie was planning how to get rid of his dad. On this week's mid-season finale, which is also the last episode until summer, we catch up with some old friends, plan murders, and say goodbye to some cowboys who are going to Texas. 

Dry your eyes and chug some whiskey while you read about what happened this week: Kyle Red Silverstein, who is young Rip, seems pretty sure of himself when he throws his first person into the Dutton murder pit. I would sweat more!

Young John (Josh Lucas) and Young Rip talked about the branding, and it was heartwarming to see how Young Rip was accepted by the other cowboys. Rip has finally found a home and family after spending his childhood wandering.

Howdy, Jimmy (Jeffrey White)! You've been missed!

Even though the 6666 made Jimmy a real cowboy, Emily (Kathryn Kelly) taking her top off still distracts him enough that he misses breakfast. At least he's also grown as a person.

Emily's job is much harder than riding and roping horses all day, because she has to do sonograms on them. She should have Jimmy make her dinner.

At least he's making it up to me by rubbing my feet. Could this be "Yellowstone's" healthiest relationship?

John (Kevin Costner) going straight to Monica (Kelsey Asbille) to ask if Kayce (Luke Grimes) can run the farm made me laugh a lot. Smart man!

Wow, John gave Kayce a hug and told him, "I love you, son." That sounds bad.

I can't get enough of the ads for Tractor Supply Co., Ariat, Filson, and Tecovas, which are all rough-and-tumble companies. They make me feel like such a tough outdoorsman that I will definitely buy a ticket to "Plane," the next Gerard Butler action film.

Jamie (Wes Bentley) has gotten really good at his killer smirk. Jamie, you are such an idiot!

This is a great way to cut between two speeches by Dutton men.

John's last words to the press before leaving were surprisingly rousing.

John showed Clara, played by Lilli Kay, how to fight with "menace."

I can't wait to see how this mentoring goes.

Beth (Kelly Reilly) must no longer like Summer (Piper Perabo), right? It's difficult to keep up...

Where does your father live? I'll go sleep with him." Good luck, Beth.

I'm scared by Beth's wild eyes...

what is she going to do to Jamie?

Wow, Teeter (Jennifer Landon) told Colby (Denim Richards) "I love you" in this episode, too. So much to feel!

How could Jamie be surprised that Beth would show up in the middle of the night and do something crazy?

Ouch! Jamie's brain would be hurt by that rock to the head, right? Even though I know it's a TV show, yikes!


Beth didn't know that the Train Station was a place where people's bodies were dumped. It looks like everyone who had anything to do with the ranch knew.

"Future generations that you don't have..." Ouch, Jamie! Too low!

Oh, Dawn Olivieri's Sarah, just stay upstairs! Jamie was almost winning with Beth, but you took it away from him.

Beth, you can't kill Jamie and leave him at the Train Station. You'd be the first person the police would look for.

Oh, so Jamie will try to kill Beth now? Will these two brothers and sisters ever get along?

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