Michael Landon of 'Little House on the Prairie' said reporters attempted to 'degrade' him.

Michael Landon rose to prominence as a result of the NBC smash Western programs Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie. However, the handsome and charismatic actor did not always have a positive relationship with the press. 

Here is what Landon had to say about journalists attempting to "degrade" him: Michael Landon was an enormous celebrity from the 1960s until his death in 1991. 

The Little House on the Prairie actor frequently appeared on talk shows to explain his rise to popularity and his frequently negative interactions with the media. In 1975, Landon appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson to address how reporters attempted to "degrade" him.

 After confirming that he and his Little House co-stars get along really well, Landon said to Carson, "A lot of people like to write nasty things." "And occasionally I read the articles that individuals have written," Landon said. 

"The only thing that truly annoys me is that you don't care what others say about your work.... But when they fabricate information, you know, just to write something malicious... And then you sit down, take up a TV Guide, and read an item that has nothing whatever to do with it."

Landon stated that he finds the hostility of journalism "extremely sad."

"I believe that the average American has a far higher view of himself than if they had to read magazine stories that disparage other people in order to feel superior," he continued. "I believe that is what they believe. I know too many Americans because I travel the country, and I do not believe they hold this viewpoint. 

According to his co-stars, Michael Landon had an alleged anger. Like all TV stars, Michael Landon faced with his fair share of bad press. And while he stated that he had a terrific relationship with his Little House on the Prairie co-stars, a few other stars from the program mentioned his nasty temper. 

“One day, when we shot an emotional sequence for the episode titled ‘The Gift,’ I realized his famed anger was going to blow,” Melissa Gilbert said in her memoir, Prairie Tale. “It was my fault. I was unable to recall my lines."

Gilbert recalled a moment when Landon yelled "cut" at her after she had forgotten her lines for the third time. When he called her out, she began weeping. She stated, "[Michael Landon's] rage was terrible, and after witnessing it, I never wanted to be on the receiving end."

Why was the series Little House on the Prairie canceled?

Michael Landon's contributions to Little House on the Prairie will always be remembered. But all great things must end, and Little House was finally canceled.

Therefore, why did NBC cancel the show? It appears ratings plummeted and the initial concept no longer functioned. After season 8, NBC relaunched the show as Little House: A New Beginning, but it wasn’t enough to preserve it. “

I didn’t think a married woman should still be looking to her father for advice,” Landon said in 1984. “When we started this program, we never anticipated it would endure that long.”

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