After lying to her husband's boss to get him fired, the wife seeks advice.


As she was responsible for her husband's dismissal, a distraught wife has turned to the internet for guidance on how to get him restored at his former job.

According to the woman, her heart was wounded when she discovered her husband's extramarital affair; thus, she felt compelled to punish him.

She contacted his workplace anonymously with proof that her husband was stealing from the organization.

In the meantime, everything she told her husband's workplace was a complete fabrication, and she did it as revenge for the emotional suffering he caused her.

Read her entire account below...

"I discovered that my husband was cheating and acted impulsively. I called his employer anonymously to inform him that my husband has been stealing from the company and supplied evidence.

My spouse has been unemployed for the past eight months after being fired. Our situation is dire, as I am also unemployed. I need to know if it is possible for him to be reinstated if I recall my evidence.

I forgave him for cheating, but life without income is difficult. I have not worn new clothing since last November. 

Please assist." The greatest approach for an unemployed wife to deal with her husband's infidelity is to make such a strong accusation against him that it results in his firing, and then you still want assistance?

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