The next season of Virgin River, Season 5, has already been caught in the Grey's Anatomy trap.

 There are times when there's no need to speed things up.

Fans of the Netflix show Virgin River may want to get ready for things to get a lot more intense than they are now. If you liked the show because it was funny and made you feel good, get ready for some serious stuff.

At least, that's what the actress who plays Mel Monroe on the show, Alexandra Breckenridge, said when she talked to New Beauty. With Patrick Sean Smith taking over as the new showrunner for season 5, things are about to change. But do people really want to be on the edge of their seats?

 Most of the time, Virgin River has been a show to watch to relax, not to get all worked up about another broken heart or cliffhanger. Now that the show seems to be going in a different direction, some fans are worried that it might make the same mistake as... Grey's Anatomy.

If you have been watching Shonda Rhimes' medical drama for a long time, you may remember that it used to be a feel-good show, just like Virgin River has been for the past four seasons. 

But after the show changed into a full-scale drama and then added a layer of social justice, many fans stopped watching because it "felt like a teen drama" and was just too much. Virgin River might be going for the same emotional roller coaster effect, and it's not clear if fans will like that.

The fourth and fifth season of Virgin River will start in September 2021. Season 4 started on Netflix on July 20, 2022, but the date for the start of the fifth season hasn't been set yet.

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