Omari Hardwick(Ghost) commented on Joseph Sikora's(Tommy) Power Book 4 Force teaser on Instagram to show his support

After a new trailer for Book IV: Force, which looks very exciting, came out online, the actor who used to play the main character in Power showed his support for Sikora. 

Joseph Sikora, who plays Tommy Egan, gave fans a sneak peek at the second season of his Power spin-off, which everyone is very excited about. The New York gangster will be back on Starz next year and tougher than ever after he moved to Chicago. 

When the trailer came out, Omari Hardwick sent a message of support on Instagram. On Joseph's personal Instagram, Omari, who is best known as James "Ghost" St. Patrick, talked up the new trailer for Force season two. 

The very short trailer gives us a new look at Tommy as he starts to get more power in the Chicago underworld. As Tommy walks into a room with a gun, beats up a bad guy, and walks away from an explosion, dramatic music plays in the background.

At the end of the video, the main character looks around at his new surroundings while a simple caption says, "Season Two."

Joseph putting out this latest trailer right before Christmas could be a sign that more footage will be coming in the next two weeks.

The actor's caption for the post read, "LFGOOOOO!" He was very excited.

Some fans of Power were thrilled when Joseph's former co-star Omari later posted his own message of thanks in the comments.

"Go get it," reply from @omarihardwickofficial.

Check The Screenshot below:

Fans liked Omari's post quickly to show how excited they were about the new trailer.

Some of the responses, of course, couldn't help but say that the actor's latest post on social media could be a sign that Ghost will be back soon.

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