A New Yellowstone Fan Theory Regarding Jamie and Beth has surfaced!


Each year as more episodes of Yellowstone are broadcast, new fan ideas begin to surface. Following episodes four and five, viewers are emerging from hiding to offer their potential responses to the show's incessantly illogical queries. How Jamie and Beth's conflict will be resolved is the current topic of discussion, and one notion stands out from the rest!

The original thread reads, "It looks like Jaime is being pushed more away from the whole family." Even John rejects him, therefore I believe Jaime will turn on them one more time before changing his mind and giving Beth his son as compensation.

Definitely an intriguing theory! Could it be argued that delivering his son to his greatest enemy was cruel or selfless? A child with Jamie's DNA, whom Beth despises more than anyone, would Beth genuinely love? We concur that Jamie is being pulled farther and farther away from the family. At the very least, he might be disowned, and at the worst, he might even be killed.

The fact that Jamie is giving up his child makes no sense because the child already has a mother. She is still there even though we never see her.

 In the conversation, some people brought it up by saying, "Jamie's son has a mom. She won't give her child to Beth. As a follower responded, "If anything [Beth] will try to deprive him of all custody and visitation," all were in agreement.

Others in the crowd concurred that Jamie could undoubtedly defeat the Duttons this year. It's not like John didn't know he wasn't his [biological] kid, but he raised [him] for like 40 years, so at this point I wouldn't even call it treachery, one admirer remarked. All three of them—Kayce, Beth, and Jamie—grew up together, so why are they treating him badly now?

Then, several viewers brought up how Jamie appeared to cooperate with Garrett Randall's plot to murder the Duttons in Season 4. One supporter questioned, "But didn't Jamie go through with his biological father's plan to kill the Duttons?" Although I don't believe Jamie intended it, he appeared to be okay with it after the fact.

Another supporter retorted, "I mean his bio dad was being nice to him when everyone else in the Duttons save for [Kayce] disliked him. Then he murdered his father. They still treat him like s—t despite the fact that he's f—ed up and has done a lot for the Duttons.

 True, at the time it appeared that Jamie had been won over by Randall's generosity, just as he is today by Sarah Atwood's. Jamie never receives kindness, and when he does, he will stop at nothing to maintain the favor.

Another supporter appeared to inquire as to why Jamie doesn't simply leave the Duttons behind. Why don't you both [Kayce and Jamie] start over somewhere else and leave the toxic John and Beth behind you?" they asked. "I believe Jamie is lured to Dutton's influence. merely a bad person.


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