Power Book 2: Ghost : At the start of season three, Tariq will be in serious trouble,

Power Book II: Ghost Later this year, Season 3 will start. In the drama series, Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), whose father, James "Ghost" St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick), has just died, tries to figure out what to do next. In the first season, Tariq started working with the Tejada family, and Monet, the matriarch of the family, was his boss (Mary J. Blige).

In season 2, he came close to getting a life sentence. Now, he is going to be in a lot of trouble when season 3 starts. In Season 3 of "Power Book II: Ghost," Tariq won't know who to trust.

Tariq will be able to move around more freely now that his mother and sister are safe. 

But because the problems in the Tejada family are affecting their business and because Effie (Alix Lapri) and Brayden (Gianni Paolo) are keeping a terrible secret, the college student won't know who he can trust. "For different reasons, there will be rifts between Tariq and his friends," Power Universe creator Courtney Kemp told Entertainment Weekly. 

"And then those things will cause some cracks to appear in the Tejada family. There will be a series of earthquakes, followed by a series of aftershocks that will shake the foundation and change the series in a big way. Season 3 is over." Tariq will be in a lot of trouble when season 3 starts.

We also know that Tariq has never really been able to avoid getting hurt. He was caught on tape at Mecca's (Daniel Sunjata) penthouse in the season 2 finale. Blanca Rodriguez (Monique Gabrielle Curnen), who is determined to put Tariq in jail, noticed this.

Rainey Jr. told POPSUGAR, "As we saw at the end, they got [Detective] Blanca, and she pulled up some pictures of Tariq. She knows him, so we already know what's going to happen." "He ended season one with some trouble, and he ended season two with some trouble, so he's definitely going to start season three with some trouble.

 Tariq ties up all these loose ends, but as soon as he does, another one comes loose. This could also be the last time we see the powerful trio. The friendship between Tariq, Brayden, and Effie will never be the same again.

At this point, the only people Tariq trusts are his mother Tasha (Naturi Naughton), Effie, and Brayden. But they are keeping it a secret from Tariq that they killed his ex-girlfriend Lauren (Paige Hurd). 

When Tariq finds out, the three of them will never be the same again. Rainey told PopSugar, "To be honest with you, I have no idea what's next." "I just know that Tariq is going to make some money and fight a lot. 

He's trying to figure out what's going on with Lauren and how her situation went, but he doesn't really know what happened. Then, as we already said, Brayden and Effie try to keep that truth from him. So that's another thing that will happen. There will be a lot happening."


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