Power: Ghost” Star Michael Rainey Jr Posted his girlfriend for the first time on Social Media

Michael Rainey Jr., who stars on Starz's "Power: Ghost," is very in love this fall. His new girlfriend has him make a few TikTok videos! 

When the couple's relationship was made public, social media went crazy because almost every girl thought she could date the actor. 

When his relationship was made public, it caused a lot of trouble. His girlfriend's TikTok account was deleted, and Michael had to come out and tell people to stop. 

But most of the drama has died down, and the two seem really happy now. 

Here's a TikTok video that the two of them made:


The two of them seem to like each other a lot, and we're all for it. We can't wait for Power: Ghost Season 3 to start and for them to walk the red carpet for the first time. 

Power Book II: Ghost features Michael Rainey Jr., Mary J. Blige, Shane Johnson, Gianni Paolo, Daniel Bellomy, Paige Hurd, Cliff "Method Man" Smith, Larenz Tate, Melanie Liburd, Daniel Sunjata, Berto Colon, Woody McClain, Lovell Adams-Gray, LaToya Tonodeo, Alix Lapri, and Paton Ashbrook. 

Tariq St. Patrick, played by Rainey Jr., is a freshman at Stansfield University with a bright future. If he didn't have a double life, he would be the personification of his father's dreams. In season two, Tariq is still trying to escape a past that keeps coming back to haunt him.

 When Tariq is forced to kill his professor, he moves farther away from the thing he has been fighting to protect: his family. With his mother Tasha (Naturi Naughton) in witness protection, Tariq knows he has to do anything to save what's left of his family.


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