Fans of Yellowstone have already had enough of the "irredeemable" character.

Fans of Yellowstone are not willing to forgive one character.

Fans are starting to pick sides because Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie (Wes Bentley), who are siblings, have been fighting for most of the show, and there was a big turn in season four.

Yellowstone has always been about family problems, and season 4 was no different. The season began with Beth blaming Jamie for the attack on the Dutton family (spoilers ahead). Jamie was the only family member who wasn't hurt, which seems strange. When Jamie's real father, Garrett, played by Will Patton, shows up, the rumors are proven true. 

When Beth finds out later that Jamie didn't report his biological father for the attack, she uses this against him. People on Reddit have a lot to say about it. Most people seem to agree that Beth would make a better villain than Jamie, even though the writers of Yellowstone tried to make Jamie the bad guy. In fact, the Reddit thread has a lot of comments from people who would rather Beth be the bad guy in season five.

Audiences don't seem to like that Beth is loyal to her father John (Kevin Costner) and won't forgive Jamie. Most people agree that Beth doesn't have to forgive Jamie for what he did in the past, but that doesn't make up for all the bad things she's done since season one.

Fans don't like that Jamie is at Beth's whim. It's clear that John and Evelyn's only daughter had a lot of power over Jamie by the end of season four, and given how cruel and manipulative she is, she's not done getting back at him.

In fact, Beth's anger is making people not want to go to Yellowstone. People on Reddit agree with this, and they beg the show's writers to get rid of Beth. Also, many people want Jamie to get better in season five and get back together with John. But, given how much the new governor of Montana likes his only daughter, that seems like a tall order.

No matter what, Redditors say that something needs to be done about the sibling rivalry. One user said that the show needs to kill off one of the two siblings in order to keep people interested. Yes, a lot of the story is based on how the three kids interact with each other, but now it just seems like the drama is made up.


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