Lucifer in Sandman is the opposite of Dream. (& Their Endings Prove It)

 (& Their Endings Prove It)

Dream and Lucifer used to be enemies, but the way their lives turned out shows that on a cosmic scale, they are almost exact opposites. 

Even though Sandman's Dream of the Endless and Lucifer have been enemies since the beginning of time, they might be the exact opposites of each other. If you look at how each of their ongoing series ended, you can see that Dream of the Endless and Lucifer Morningstar want very different things and get them in very different ways. 

The fallen angel Lucifer first showed up in The Sandman #4. He was a powerful bad guy who didn't like the Lord of the Dreaming. After Dream beats another demon in Hell in a game, Lucifer swears to get back at the Dreamlord. In the "Season of Mists" storyline, Lucifer ran away from his throne, giving Dream the key to the Gates of Hell. The King of Hell got what he wanted. After The Sandman ended, Lucifer would be the main character in his own series, also called Lucifer. It would have 75 issues, just like The Sandman. 

Dream Changes Himself, and Lucifer Changes Reality 

Dream's story arc in The Sandman is all about change, but Lucifer just wants to stay the same. Lucifer doesn't want to change, and he doesn't think he has to. Lucifer hasn't wanted to be controlled by anyone or anything since the time he rebelled against God. 

He feels so trapped by reality that he is ready to make his own universe to get away. On the other hand, Dream realizes that the world deserves a better version of himself, which fits perfectly with his role as Lord of the Dreaming. In short, Dream's problem is himself, while Lucifer's problem is literally everything else. 

The freedom of Lucifer vs. the duty of the Sandman 

Lucifer is even given the chance to change himself by merging with God and becoming the creator god of his whole world, but instead of being tempted by this, he is offended by it. In the end, Dream is a stronghold of duty, while Lucifer is all about extreme freedom. Given their history and connections, it's interesting to think about how their stories are similar in that they both try to change things that don't seem like they can be changed. 

It's both fitting and ironic that Lucifer and Dream are so different on a thematic level. After all, no two beings in the universe are less able to see things from each other's points of view than Lucifer and Dream.


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